Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome Back, Stranger!

"Hello, stranger!"

I was teased at the office on a Monday morning after I was back from the looong 4-months of weekly flights. It was tough, crucial, and tiring months for me. It was mentally stressful, not considering the emotional effects brought by the "winter depression". The months of January to April are among the coldest in a year, and travelling during such months (and work related for that matter) seems to be not a good idea to go places.

Yet, these months of trying times were also a test of my character and perspective in life. Along these four months, I befriended the cab drivers who fetch me every Monday morning and Friday night to/fro the airport. I flunked on my client assignment during the first weeks I dealt with it, and it felt like everything is sooo wrong. But in the process, it developed my skills to learn more, to deal with people of different levels, to understand the client industry I'm working on, time management and best, to determine which matters most: that is, our relationships with people. :)

Keep learning and keep on moving forward! _(",)/

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/

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