Saturday, October 27, 2012

Living My Life's Calling

We are all called with a purpose by our Divine Creator. Often, we are lost and wonder what really is this "will" for our lives.  If we have to look within and take a moment to reflect at and determine the things where we are good at, where we do our best, where we can impact lives and bless others, and make this a way to share His good news - then we are on that path to our "life's calling". :)

I remember Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror as I write this blog entry. As human beings, we tend to look at others and follow their ways. Why not be the opposite? We live our lives to the best we can offer, and be the living example to influence and bless others by our way of living. Dbah? :)

Earlier today, we had another "Board Meeting"  (and watched Skyfall afterwards. It was a long queue!). Board meeting is what we call for our Friday dinner we had with group of working Filipinos here abroad. One of the topics was about investment (my favorite!). And only then I've realised that there are many fellow OFWs who want to invest in our own Philippine stock market, but don't know how. And since my Facebook wall has been a "mirror" of Philippine economy and investment growth (other than party photos. Haha), I have gotten at least another 7 (James Bond 007 lng) eager stock market "students" tonight. They want me to held another stock investing lesson. :D whooppiee! Way to go Pinas. I'll be an instrument to give you more Filipino investors!! :)

I will discuss the same topic I did last May during my first stock market investing discussion. Link to follow since I am only using my phone now. :D

I am imperfect and have shortcomings, too. But I strive to do better, and do my own share to fulfill what I have been called to do.

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn \(",)/

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Lesson from Using Off-Hours Sell Orders for CitisecOnline

The other day, I had the opportunity to use the off-hours sell orders for my online stock brokerage firm, the CitisecOnline (now known as COL Financial Group), for the FIRST TIME!! :-)  I normally do the buy/sell orders when the market is open. :)

Given my current time difference with Pinas, my current location here in the UK is 7 hours behind than the PHL time (this coming Sunday, it is the start wherein we will have an extra hour to give way for the daylight savings, aka winter season, so it's going to be an 8-hour difference by next week!).  This means that while I'm asleep at the other side of the world, the PSEi is already moving and dancing with yellow, red and green colors! Yay!

Psalm 63: A Longing for God

Dear God,

I am glad that today I was able to learn from David's words through Psalm 63. I am dropping you a message today to let You know I am here, I have not given up on You and I am on way to restore my relationship with You.

Please never give up on me.

Love always,
Lyn-Lyn _(",)/

Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Make More Money Before Quitting Your Job... Yet

Two of the great authors I looked up to in the world of personal finance and social entrepreneurship have teamed up to create a powerful book for every employee who got a burning desire to create more income outside his company cubicle.

Please click on the attached image to purchase the book.  It is selling at Php320, but is on a promotional price of Php160 until midnight of October 26.  Hurry and grab you copy!  I just got mine. :)



Keep learning and keep on moving forward!


Lyn-Lyn \(",)/

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Using Financial Times for Stock Investing

Recently, I have discovered the user-friendly way (for me) on making data analysis and sound decisions with regard to stock investing in the Philippines using the Financial Times.

The (aka: Financial Times) is a leading finance newspaper website here in London.  The information on the website are free, though there are specific information/articles that can only be accessed if you annually subscribe to it.

Lessons Learned from Losing my Voice for Two Days

A week before my 27th birthday, I had some sore throats which led to dry cough, and eventually, I lost my voice for 2 working days! (Imagine my surprise that when I wake up, I could not utter a single word!) It was so hard especially that I got client deadline and sign-off during that time. Just imagine I had (sounds-like) a bedroom voice over the phone, struggling for words to come out my vocal chords (not to mention that I have to have some British accent so that the other line can understand my intonation), until I terribly gave up and told my clients that we will just communicate through e-mails.

Investing in UITFs - from ANC On The Money

I have been an avid follower of ANC on the Money since the early week of September.  It launched around August 2012.  Please like them on Facebook! I found out about them through sis Krissy's blog (Thanks, sissy!).  The show talks about personal finance and kinds of investments that enhance the financial literacy of millions of Filipinos in Philippines and abroad.  I am one of them who is continually been inspired and pushed on to take charge of my finances. Thank you, ANC!

Discovering Eskapology.Com - The Quest to be an Entrepreneur

While doing blog-hopping, I arrived to the website of Sir Jon Orana, the Chief Escape Officer (CEO) and founder of  From the word itself, "eskapo": a Tagalog word for "escape", is a website that introduces the ways to be financially free from the 9am to 5pm employee job to the road towards business and entrepreneurship.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Embrace Success This Winter Season

I am a summer person - I love sunshine. I am amazed by the sunset. I prefer a warm weather rather than the cold. I do lots more outdoor activities like surfing, kayaking and biking when it's summer time!

But now on the 3rd week of October, winter season finally takes place. As compared to summertime wherein it's already sunrise at 4:30am and sunset at 9:30pm, the winter season on the other hand provides a dark sky even if it's already 8am (w/c explains why I'm often 2 minutes late at work) and already dark & windy at 4:30pm. Winter is sad, gloomy and cold. It's my least favorite season - though it's also a good time to show-off our taste in fashion through wearing coats, gloves, scarfy feathers and boots! :D

Monday, October 15, 2012

I Learned How to Bake on My Birthday

It's my birthday today!! :)

The picture below is just a slice of a whole cake I (uhm 30%) helped to bake last night. It is a homemade strawberry and blueberry filled chocolate cake. I also bought a squirty cream for those who wants to add the white creamy style on their cakes! :)

Most of the Brits at the office loved the cake and even asked for the recipe!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Ex-Boyfriend Gets Married Next Week

The blog title seems surprising, but it's a mixture of it and excitement!

The other day, my ex-bf's pre-nuptial photo with his fiancee appeared on my Facebook news feed (yes, we are FB friends) and I automatically heart-felt commented congratulations on the picture. 

For some who has undergone a "relationship-that-I-though-this-was-it-but-realized-it-was-never-meant-to-be", all ties with our previous partner are also cut once break-ups happen. . Sad, but this is usually happens for some relationships. It seems like both of the parties are total strangers or worst, others even had years of grudges and unsettled issues that they carry with them even if they have their own families later on.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Top 7 Mutual Fund Companies in the Philippines

I am glad that financial literacy has been widely provided to Filipinos nowadays - as compared decades ago, when financial information are only restricted to companies.

Today, let me talk about mutual funds (MF), which is another form of paper asset investing.  The most common MF products are the equity funds and balanced funds.

Monday, October 01, 2012

My Bucket List Page – Now Activated

I got inspired to do a bucket list after my friend and I talked about things we would do (I’m going to be back composing poems and hopefully, to songs!).  One even mentioned that bucket list is only done when you are old (like you’re in your 60s up..) But errr…. I decided to do this bucket list to see them online and really, DO SOMETHING to achieve them. =) It ranges from simple joys of life to extreme sports that I want to do! (haha)

I created another page for this, and I will update it as often as something pops in my beautiful mind. ^_^ Feel free to share yours. :)


Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

I Fully Surrender.

To the past that I could no longer do something about but only carry the lessons learned,
To the present that I have to live, enjoy and do my share of being a blessing,
To the future full of uncertainty, plans and promises, I fully surrender them unto You.

For the hurts I have felt, for the words that were said and could no longer be taken back,
for the heartaches, the anger and frustrations, I provide forgiveness and seek for one.

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