Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Discovering Eskapology.Com - The Quest to be an Entrepreneur

While doing blog-hopping, I arrived to the website of Sir Jon Orana, the Chief Escape Officer (CEO) and founder of  From the word itself, "eskapo": a Tagalog word for "escape", is a website that introduces the ways to be financially free from the 9am to 5pm employee job to the road towards business and entrepreneurship.

As I read from his very first articles to the recent ones, the entrepreneur in me is ignited and I was given a fresh personality check as to the reason why I want to indulge into business.  Aside from the business profit and product quality, it provided me the importance of "our own character" to attract customers and business networks.
My Entrepreneurship Ventures
I shared with you then that since I was little, I have been involved into business (I just never knew that it was 'business' I was doing during that time).  I enjoyed making the products, providing customer satisfaction/needs/wants, and enjoy the business profit (smiles).  Today, I engaged into online retail business using Multiply and Facebook.
Lessons Learned from
After reading the articles of Sir Jon, I feel the need to reflect again on my emotional whys of engaging into business.  Every blood on my veins shout that I am meant to be an entrepreneur! And I just have to break through from the fears so I can totally have a business focus.

Keep learning and keep on moving forward.

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/

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