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Get ready for an exciting and abundant life, Pinoy!!! =)

Every journey always has a starting point. Every goal must have a plan. Runners have to go to the starting point to run the race. Climbing a mountain and travelling to new places require a compass and a map. It is also the same if we MAKE a CHOICE of making something “new” for our lives.  But, where will we start? How will we begin this new abundant journey?

Click on and be inspired by the links listed below. If you want to add helpful links, please feel free to leave your comment. It will be greatly appreciated. :)

Cheers! \(“,)/

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Have the Proper Mindset and Attitude:
Be Inspired by the Everyday Lives of Filipinos/Filipinas:
Filipino TV Shows:
Lifestyle Blogs:
The Living Legends:
Be an Entrepreneur!
Stock Investments:
Online Stock Brokerage Firms:
Mutual Fund Investments:
Real Estate Investments:
Internet Marketing:
Online Catholic Community:
Be Generous: The Gift of Giving
  • Please see Kerygma Family for the list of organizations they support

Updated:  15 January 2012

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