Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weddings and Teenage Dream

It was still clear in my memory when I was 14, during my sophomore year in high school, when I dreamily declared that the early years of my 20s will be devoted to do what I am passionate about, to enjoy my single life, to give back the credits to my parents (monetarily speaking) and at the age of 28, to walk down the aisle and say hello to married life.
Adding on some maturity as compared to my 14-year old self, I have come to realise that those plans that involve other party in our lives, those that are outside of our own self-control do not just happen the way it should be. An approval/agreement from another person needs to happen.
I am savouring my remaining days of being 28. Next month, I will have to say hello to being 29 – my last year of being 20s! Yay! It sounds so old if I focus on the “age number” – but I still feel I am just 21 (ooohkaay, maybe this is self-denial).
I also visited My Bucket List page, and I have noted that marriage and family come first. I look forward to the day I will have to tick it off. I am ready and prepared for the next stage! =)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Theme Song for Financial Budgeting

And now we're starting over again, it's not the easiest thing to do
I'm feeling inside again, 'cause every time I look at you
I know we're starting over again, this time we'll leave all the pain away
Welcome home my lover and friend, we are starting over, over again

For the first half of the year, I have exhausted my stock portfolio to half and almost nil out my emergency funds coz of my eagerness to pay off in full my home mortgage (wohooo! Just a few weeks ago, I have claimed my property title back from the Registry of Deeds!). I am now living a life of being debt-free! And then whaaapaaak! Suddenly, I drifted away from my financial goals and my discipline of monthly savings and investing were torn apart. Waaah! *Cry

The Anchor of My Life

Whenever I am too lazy to write a blog post (which I always am) or just take privately the things that are happening to my life (and write them on my notebook journal of gratefulness, instead), I spend some quiet time re-reading on some of my previous posts, and reflect on how situations have changed…for the better.  It’s amazing at how at most times that we plan every single bit of detail for our lives, even up to the single centavo that we would allocate or budget to certain wants or needs, but then there will be situations that will happen that will either break or make us – and everything just changes.

I saw a Facebook post of one of my friends earlier that said,
If material things are what you refer to when you say I AM BLESSED, then you have no idea what a blessing is!”

Since I have started to become a financial advocate and enhance my knowledge on financial literacy, I have been reading posts on basic finances and how to properly prepare for future needs. Somehow along those anxiety, fear, excitement and joy of either disrupting the finances or achieving financial goals, we have mislooked the present situation and should have been grateful instead of what we currently have that simply never really take much money to bring us joy and much gratitude for life.

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