Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zipline: It’s More Fun in the Philippines _(“,)/

Facebook keeps on trending the “More Fun in the Philippines” photos and get me sooo excited that I want to share mine. Open-mouthed smile  Friends, please welcome my first try for promoting tourism in our beloved country:

zipline more fun in the philippines

My models are my boyfriend’s beloved family:
(L-R) his brother, his cousin’s son & his uncle

Experience the highest zipline in Southeast Asia
at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato \(“,)/
Date Taken: December 29, 2011


To go to Lake Sebu if you are from Manila, take the 1.5-hour flight going General Santos City. 
Then, it will be an approximately 3.5 hours bus travel from General Santos City to Lake Sebu. 
The place also offers the sweetest and juicy-iest tilapia! Chaaarap!


Enjoy life! ^_^

Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/

Just Take Charge!

A few months ago, I had a great conversation with one of my dearest friends here abroad.  I asked her this question, “How can I be an effective in-charge to my client engagement and my team members?”  This was the time when I was soooo frustrated about my workloads, complains about my job assignments and people I work with, feels so inferior of my responsibility (feels that I’m too young and inexperienced for my job role) and the nature of the clients I dealt with.  I am not a reklamador, so when I make ‘reklamo’, it means I’m really on my *dark side*. Smile with tongue out

My friend answered, “Do what your role tells you.  You are referred to as the ‘in-charge’, so… gurl, just take charge!!! (I just have to add those 3 exclamation points, because I really feel she was shouting at me when she said that.)


Monday, January 30, 2012

How Can A Person Start His Savings?

If there’s a will, there’s a way! Savings is always possible.  There are people who earn just minimum wage but able to open a bank account and save part of their salary for future funds.  Others invest it to their sari-sari store (a.k.a. “mini-grocery” store) and earn profit.  Sadly, there are others who earn Php20,000 and above, (and also those who earn PhpXXX,000 a month!), who are single and having the prime of their lives, but are buried in debt and never even get to save even just an insy-bitsy-weeny-portion of their monthly salary.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Should Love One Another

I woke up with a hearty attitude this morning.  Red heart The 3-hour sleep was already sufficient to make me alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic! Open-mouthed smile After all, it’s a Sunday! It’s the start of the week. Yeey!  [I slept at almost 3:30am after attending a party then arriving at home and browsing through websites for the best specs for a DSLR to bring with me for our St. Malo (an island in France) and Paris tour this coming Easter holiday. Yeaaah! We already got our tickets and hotel booked! wohooo…!] Winking smile


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy 31st Birthday, Manong Bryant! :)

Today, my dearest brother celebrates his 31st birthday. _(“,)/  And as always, I pray for blessings, goodwill, guidance and good health for him.


I made the following video during his 30th birthday, and it is still the same gratitude I feel for him.  Love ya, Manong! Mwaaahugs! Open-mouthed smile


Manong Bryant’s 30th birthday presentation–January 26, 2011


I Will Graduate from Being an Employee Soon


Right now, this is my bread and butter.

This puts food on my table, pays for my rent, provides for my “luho”, and puts money on my savings and investments.  \(",)/

Soon, I will get out from this employee stage and move to being a full-time businesswoman and investor.

Source: http://victoriarenwick.wordpress.com

Yet for now, I have to deal with all these deadlines. :P

Keep learning and keep moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn \(",)/

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Philippines Rank 3rd as the World’s Most Preferred Markets: My Mutual Fund Portfolio

Manila BulletinA week ago, I read an article in the Manila Bulletin stating a very good news about the response of the world’s global fund managers about our beloved country.  Next to China and Malaysia, the Philippines rank third as the world’s most preferred markets of the global fund managers.  With the current economic crisis in Eurozone and increasing debt of United States, the focus of the investors have turned over to Asia.  And this amazes me that Philippines is soaring high and being preferred by the investors! Whooaw! \m/


So, what does this mean for us Filipinos?


Let me share with you my braincell-analysis as an effect of this positive market scenario:

  • Increase in investors means business opportunities in the country
  • More business opportunities = more jobs for Filipinos
  • More jobs for Filipinos = Additional income for the family
  • Additional income for the family = Happy! [because this means we have something to buy food for our table and increase our savings for investments]


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Travelling Feet

I had lunch with my soon-to-be travelling buddies today.  We talked again about our plans for this year's Europe tour.  While looking at the set of declared public holidays, we decided to take Paris out of the countries for our Europe tour this July and moved it instead to a separate schedule.  It's going to be on April! Yey!  \(",)/

The plan would take a boat from our place going to France (did I mention that France is just a 30-minute sea travel from my place? It's soooo near! Yet, I cannot go there because a different visa is already required), then take a train going to the land of love, Paris. ^_^

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Piso, Magkano Ka?

I have realized that one of the activities that a “Bagong Bayani ng Pilipinas” tend to look forward to, aside from coming home to be with loved ones, is the foreign exchange rate for remittances to Philippines.  Five years ago, every one US dollar is equal to Php55. Now the US forex rate is just equal to Php44.  Good news or bad news?  Hmmm…


This is something we can view as positive because this means that our Philippine peso is getting stronger as a result of a better economy, trust on our political leaders and stronger stock market (Yey!).  However, for every overseas filipino worker abroad who sends remittance to supply the needs of his/her family in the Philippines, this is bad news.  Oh, if every OFW just know how to take advantage of the power of “hedging”! (ie: to gain from the forex loss, invest the remittance to income-generating assets).

As Written in Psalm 119:133

I browsed through my little notes of quotable quotes and Bible verses and read this again:

Psalms 119.133

“Keep steady my steps
according to Thy promise,
and let no iniquity get
dominion over me.”
– Psalms 119:133


I wrote this in 2007 during that night when I was in the middle of making a big change and decision for my life.  I opened my Bible and I read this verse from Psalm.  It reminded me to continue on keeping my faith to the Great Guy above: that in everything and anything, His promise of bountiful blessings and a wonderful future await for all of us.


Have patience.  Keep the faith.


Keep learning and keep on moving forward!


Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Freeezing Sunny Cold Month of January

This is the view outside my window.

Rooom Window

Wonderful, isn’t it?  If you are here inside my room, you will feel like going out and enjoy the sun and be amazed by the cloudy sky.


But be careful!  Put on your headgear – the scarf, the gloves, the socks, boots and 3-pcs of clothes!  It is just the exterior but it is freeeeezing cold outside.

The temperature is ZERO degrees! Yay!  Surprised smile


Let it snow…let it snow. Brrrr…..! Smile with tongue out

Hello Winter season! (I’m looking forward for Spring time). hahaha.. ^__^


Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

Through Christ by Donna Lasit

I was inspired by this song during the PICC Feast last Sunday (8 January 2012).
I downloaded it and will include it to Bible study session this coming Wednesday. (Yey! Excited)

Open-mouthed smile

Through Christ by Donna Lasit

(verse 1)
When the darkness tries
to hide my way
Your word is the light
that guides my faith
I will trust in You (2x)

(verse 2)
When my heart is weak
& I've lost my way
I will lift up my eyes
and choose to say
I will trust in You (2x)

I can do all things through Christ
I can move a mountain if You
Are the strength of my life
I can do all things through Christ
When You are the strength of my life

(verse 3)
In Your presence I find
strength renewed
I find courage to stand
& a hope that is new
I will trust in You (2x)

Whatever trials come my way
I will worship You always
Forever trust in Your unfailing love

Whenever doubt and fear press in
I still hear Your voice within
Forever trust in Your unfailing love


Note Winking smile Smile

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Travelling Bag

I went to de Gruchy yesterday with one purpose in mind: to take the shortcut from the town centre going back to my flat. But oh lalala….
The de Gruchy is one of the “malls” here and everything is on SALE! Smile with tongue out  I took some notice of the clothes…and shoes…and bags… Surprised smile 
Haaaiiis….love, love, love to buy them!  I raised my hand and feel the linen and the comfort of the clothes. Hmmm…. They are on sale! Control…control…


I move on.. one step forward (I only went here to take the shortcut!).  Until I reached the scented candle section and it’s 50% off!

I smelled the rosebum candles, then the lavender, then the light blue color candle.. then the white one. Hmmm… smells good and homey.  Laughing out loud


I was about to take the rosebum scented candle to the counter when uhm, ahm… I realised that I don’t need it yet (still, I ended up buying another scented candle when I went out from de Gruchy! At least, it’s much cheaper to the next store. hehe) ^__^

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bountiful Blessings for 2012!

Greetings of Peace and Solidarity!

Year 2011 was marvelous! It was a year of growth, maturity, independence, humility and generosity for me.  It has its own series of ups and downs, opportunities and disappointments, new friendships and life-long lessons.

For now, let me greet YOU, my dearest friend, a very blessed, happy and abundant 2012!
This is OUR YEAR.  Let us all claim it! _(“,)/


From MY FAMILY to Yours: have an AWESOME 2012! \(“,)/

See you on my next blog update. 

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Year 2011: The Growth of New Beginnings

At midnight of 1st of January 2011, I took my very FIRST international flight. My heart was full of excitement and enthusiasm for the next adventure waiting for me in this foreign land.  At this time of new beginnings and the very first day of the year, I travelled back in time zone and witnessed how continents celebrated the new year.  I was even expecting to see some fireworks outside my plane window! =P But nah.. *wishful thinking*

New Beginnings 
I was wide awake during the whole time of travel as I witnessed the changes in the colors of the sky, the rising and setting of the sun, the green mountains from Philippines to the brown dessert of Middle East, up to the ice on top of the mountains of the Northern countries above the equator, until I reached the tall buildings and trains in London.

The Travel 2011

..and whoaaa! As soon as I get out of the Queen’s airport, enthusiastic as a kid to finally set my foot on a land, I felt THE cold! I feel like I was walking inside a refrigerator! I even literally, ran back inside the arrival area when the first blow of the freezing cold wind smack my face!  I never want to go out of the airport and experience the cold again :P

My first day of the year 2011 was my longest - having an extra 8 hours.  I was exhausted from the long travel, but it was all worth it.
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