Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stock Investing for Newbies 101 - Updated Entry

Entry updated on 16 May 2012 6:52am
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In my previous entry, Filipinos Do Yearn to Invest,  I mentioned about my homegroup mates wanting to learn about stock market investing in the Philippines.  I never thought they were that serious until one of them has asked again when we will have the "tea session" to discuss such topic.  They wanted to discuss it on Monday (May 7), but since I was away for a holiday vacation, we decided to move it on a Saturday (May 12).

At first, I was hesitant to give this discussion, because honestly, I don't know how to start letting them know about it.  Should I make a presentation? How would I begin the discussion? What topic should I focus on?  I was also *quite* inferior because I am the youngest in the group (who would believe me that I am already engaged in this stuff?).  And my fellows (they are soo great, by the way), are ALL engaged in a financial industry (ie: fund accountants and financial manager), and I keep on thinking: what do they don't know that I know? Professional and theoretically speaking, they are more exposed in financial languages as compared to mine.

When I got back from my holiday, I was dead tired, still have jetlag and was too sleepy to work.  My mind was also scattered with all ideas to make into this specific presentation.  On Friday night, jaraaaan, miracles happened and it seems that stock investing newbie ideas suddenly just came in orderly and I was guided to make the presentation below. ^__^

Please refer to below presentation for the basic stock investing I shared with my fellow Filipinos who are working abroad last Saturday (May 12).  It's my first time to present this stuff, and it was really an exciting, informative discussion. ^_^  I also used videos from Pesos and Sense.

The following are the videos from the TV show, Pesos and Sense, that I also included in my presentation:

     When I discussed about mutual funds:

     When I discussed about peso-cost averaging:

I am glad that the people I discussed it with our taking the necessary steps to take charge as well for their future and not just depend on the traditional time deposits, wherein the interest are eaten out by yearly inflation.  Moreover, my fellow OFWs also realized that liquidity of cash is necessary, rather than investing in real estate (specifically, lots), wherein the investment takes time to be turned into revenue and huge capital is necessary to *really* start making such real estate into an income-generating investments.

It felt good to share. :)  I also forwarded the presentation and relevant investment links to those who were not able to attend because they also want to learn. =)

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/


  1. yay! keep sharing to our fellow Filipinos :)

    1. @Kuya Omeng and Mami Cha: I will and thank you. :) \(",)/

  2. awesome lynlyn! maganda yung start ng discussion at yung pick ng video. easy to understand especially for the beginners! clap! clap! and mas natutuwa ako kasi nadeliver mo ng ayos and am pretty sure na naencourage mo sila mag invest din! congratulations and great job tlga! am proud of you! yehey nadagdagan na nman ng investors ang pilipinas! keep it up, continue to serve and help others ^____^ To GOD be the Glory!

    1. maraming salamat, mami cha! :) Thanks sa continuous support at belief mo sakin na e-push through ang presentation na 'to. :))

  3. Awesome! keep up the great work. Hopefully the time will come when every Filipino will learn to invest.


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