Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Philippines Rank 3rd as the World’s Most Preferred Markets: My Mutual Fund Portfolio

Manila BulletinA week ago, I read an article in the Manila Bulletin stating a very good news about the response of the world’s global fund managers about our beloved country.  Next to China and Malaysia, the Philippines rank third as the world’s most preferred markets of the global fund managers.  With the current economic crisis in Eurozone and increasing debt of United States, the focus of the investors have turned over to Asia.  And this amazes me that Philippines is soaring high and being preferred by the investors! Whooaw! \m/


So, what does this mean for us Filipinos?


Let me share with you my braincell-analysis as an effect of this positive market scenario:

  • Increase in investors means business opportunities in the country
  • More business opportunities = more jobs for Filipinos
  • More jobs for Filipinos = Additional income for the family
  • Additional income for the family = Happy! [because this means we have something to buy food for our table and increase our savings for investments]


With the growing “publicity” of Asian markets, specifically the Philippines, this indicates a positive response to our local stock market.  And to us, Filipinos, who have monthly savings invested in stock market and mutual funds, this also provide a positive (a.k.a.) green portfolio to us.  Open-mouthed smile


Speaking about mutual funds, I was inspired by the recent 2011 Portfolio Reflection written by Kenny in his blog.  As a result, I went to the website of my mutual fund manager, the First Metro Asset Management Inc., and also calculated for the percentage earned I had with my mutual fund portfolio.


It was in the middle of last year when I invested in FAMI’s Equity Fund and Balanced Fund.  (Part of me regretted that I did not add on to my portfolio when the market was down during the last year’s 4th quarter.  I could have taken advantage of the lower net asset values.) Yeee…. Smile with tongue out  Anywei, I am still grateful that my portfolio still closed with positive remarks during the year.


Mutual Fund Portfolio 2011



Keep learning and keep moving forward!


Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/






  1. first of all congrats to your mutual fund, profit ka oh! yey! :) im so excited na rin mag invest sa MF hopefully mid this year. please give an idea how you earn on MF? ano ba yang mga net asset value? hihihi i mean ano ba yung dapat tingnan before you invest, need pa ba sng proper timing? hahah dami tanong! :P

    nagbabasa basa lng at nageexplore ako sa bago mong site! :) medyo marami rami pala ako namissed! hehehe

    1. Second of all, thank you, Ate Cha. Because you're very much interested in MF investment, you can go to FAMI's website then download their application form link and the policy agreement. Earnings mo sa MF is nasa fund manager, unless you want to withdraw it. Nasa policy ung mga fees if for early withdrawal. Ung MF kc for long-term sya, prang long-term savings mo na rin, pro it earns higher compare sa bank interest. You can keep track of it by computing for your NAV nung binili mo sya versus sa NAV ngaung araw, which makita mo rin sa FAMI's website. Ung NAV is ung value ng investment (parang 'stock price').

      Hmmm, since FAMI's products are linked to equity funds, then nka depend din sya sa movement ng stock market, at sa mga stock portfolio na pinag iinvest ng FAMI. U can check sa website nila kng san2x ung majority ng stock portfolio nila. :D For the time being, FAMI has the highest performance among other MF industries based sa recent report ng mga mutual fund associations ng Pinas. \m/ Happy investing, Ate Cha! :)

  2. 2011 was a sideways market and many lost due to high volatility caused by international events and is evident on why mutual fund gains were only minimal (4%-8% only for 2011 as compared to 20%-50% performance last 2010.) nevertheless, i'm highly positive for the year 2012. @ cha: for MF, you should be looking at net asset value per share or navps and your MF also depends on your risk appetite. if you are highly aggressive to get higher returns, then choose MF which includes equities only. if you are highly conservative, then choose all bonds only but return is very minimal. if you want to get both, then choose balanced funds. - kuya of rocelyn

    1. Thanks for the insights, Manong! :) In investing in paper assets, it really is the right timing and the proper price action that we have to consider to get the best buy for our portfolio. Thank you for the visit, make it always! harhar! Luv yah! \(",)/

  3. thank you kuya of rocelyn..hehehe. este thank you kuya Bry for the reply., medyo di lang siguro ako familiar pa talaga sa MF, matutunan ko rin to pag nakapagstart na siguro ako! :)

    thank you din lynlyn! galing nyong dalwa, parang nagbabasa lang ako ng business section sa dyaryo eh! nosebleed ako! hahahah. but enweis, naintindihan ko na ng konte, and excited much na mkapagstart soon! :)

    1. In behalf of my Manong, you're very much welcome, Ate Cha. ^_^ Looking forward na rin for your MF investments. Yey! \(",)/


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