Monday, June 30, 2014

Leap of Faith!

Just bought another real estate for investing! It is in prime location in the capital city, with 2 bedrooms and 2 balconies! Such a blessing. This entails me to work smarter in managing finances. May this also be a form of blessing to others. Looking forward to helping more Filipinos to also be financially educated and take charge of investing!:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When Actions Speak Louder than Words

For the last couple of months, I kept on chasing dreams that are so elusive. For one, I would like to jumpstart my career in other field, but there are always circumstances (i.e. my need for a work visa) that hinder me to get job offers. There was one wherein I had already my pen ready to sign the employment agreement, but when I checked again to confirm if the new employer will give me a visa, they declined. (That was close for me to render my resignation on my current job, which may end up for me being kicked out of UK coz my "new employer" will not provide me a visa!) I was still blessed that I did not reach that point. I was also offered an opportunity to work in a project which I believe would provide me the necessary career exposures I need, but jurisdictions and immigration rules have again set the boundaries - and I feel that these dreams/goals are slowly taken away from my grasps. There were moments I felt frustrated, almost can't plan out due to anticipation, got hopeful, confident, then excited, insecured and back to hoping again. Beyond all these, I would like to choose to keep my faith. Someday, soon, that which is meant for me will come and I will welcome it with arms wide open.

James 1:2 "Consider it pure joy when you fall into various trials, cause your faith and perseverance are being tested."

I would like to specially mention "the honey" who has always been there for me and witness the moments I laughed, I cried, I sat quietly looking at nowhere, felt frustrated (I guess I have shown all bits of my characters in front of him!). The "honey" who patiently listens to my indecisiveness and my scattered thoughts coz I could not come up with final decisions.  He often says "I am here and I will look after you", but it feels more better when those words became actions whenever he wraps me inside his arms to assure me that things will be alright and when he makes efforts to see me back smiling and laughing and back to my happy self again.

Everyday I am filled with his "I love yous" - he has never missed out a single day yet! :)
During moments like this I feel that those I had been dreaming/aiming for are so far away, it helps so much to choose to take away my thoughts on them and instead, focus more on what I do have now and be grateful for them. The greatest blessing I have (next to family) is "the honey" - and with that, I feel so abundant and prosperous in my life with his overflowing love. (Thank you, Jesus!)

During one of those times I felt melo-dramatic (blame the hormones caused by the monthly red visitor), I poured out my emotional baggage to him, and felt just so blessed with his response. (I just have to blurry his name.)

Such priceless gift. :)

Love lots,

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

What is My Purpose of Being Abroad?

During one of my catch-up meetings with my client recently, we had gotten “out of focus” from work and ended chatting more about our personal lives – especially relating to life’s choices, retirement decisions and plans for the future. He was married to a co-Asian and recently had their first child, a bouncing baby boy, last month.  It was a great opportunity for me to listen to thoughts of someone who grew up in a first world country and to learn from his elderly thoughts of setting out plans for the future.

He told me that our resident place is surrounded by materialism – I agree! Our place is called “tax-haven” and all professions here are mostly related to finance, managing wealth of the wealthy! Most people have forgotten about family values – parents usually send their children to nursery day care centers, while they keep themselves busy with work to earn.  On another hand, this man had made a choice to be the sole provider for his family, with his wife tending to their son, and had a mortgage for a house near the beach. His thoughts were as simple as ABC – nurture his family with one parent looking after their kid/s (he plans to have another baby soon!), he balances out his work so he can be home early to play and see his son goes to sleep, stays at his house over the weekend to spend time with his wife and son, buy a house to serve as a capital asset which he plans to sell 15-20 years from now, and use the money to retire in Asia! Wow….! He told me that Asia has been growing and with its low cost of living, he can have a comfortable, simple retirement life there with his family.

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