Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One word: ACT! (My 2014 Goals)

What was it again that, generally, us, women always wish for our men to do?

To fulfill their promises. Because:

"ACTIONS speak louder than words."

I strongly agree. Why the infamous "promises-are-just-meant to be broken" statement? Because many of us lack action.

It's time for a change. And taking action and fulfilling our promises apply to everybody!

Hence, to start my action plans, I wrote down here my goals and passions for 2014 (& onwards):

- Be fit and healthy. To develop my endurance (needed when I take short cuts to climb hilly roads), achieve a waistline of not more than 30 inches and weigh 60-70 kilos. I commit to eat healthy food, do 30-minute walk each day and an hour of jogging/zumba dance/swimming on weekends.

- Minimum of 10 blog posts per month. To develop my writing skills (goal of publishing an inspirational book), enhance my communication with blogosphere, network with people online and best of all, to share and learn ideas with everyone. Result: at least 120 blog posts for a year!

- Develop a hobby for cooking. FYI: I am a "parasite" for people who loves to cook ('coz I love to eat!). I am well-surrounded by friends and a boyfriend who enjoy cooking, and I enjoy tasting their food. Somehow, I want a change and be the one to make special meal for them. I will master two special recipes (or bake one cake, or make a dessert) per month. This recipe must be other than ordinary daily food.

- I want to get married and have twins. (This goal will require a decision of another party though.)

- Last Monday, I plotted my 2014 financial plans and I commit myself to it. I made some changes and renamed "emergency fund" to "peace of mind fund"; "weekend dates and travels" to "happy fund"; and all the rest remain, as is.

- Attend a seminar/enroll to a class (like IT information, online marketing, gardening, etc) and get a certification/qualification to enhance my self-education. Life is always a continuous learning.

Putting our goals and dreams on paper provide us a clearer view of what we want to fulfill. I wrote down mine above and it's time for some action! =D

Cheers to a fulfilling 2014!

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