Friday, October 03, 2014

White is Relaxing!

I recently read an article about "why hotels are the best places to offer relaxation and comfortable sleep". The answer? All their garments are colored white!

It's true indeed - all luxurious hotels have white bed sheets.

So, I made a test - I did some maneuver and changed my duvet cover and pillowcases to white. I also bought a white bath mat which I got @ 50% discount (I sound so proud with this purchase). :P

(This blog is now given the privilege to have the first public peak of my bed sheets and bath.)

I love it!!! Everytime I arrive home, all I wanted is to jump under the covers. And whenever I wake up, all I wanted to do is to stay under the covers. Hahaha!

I am loving the minimalistic style of white. Simple, yet elegant.

Love lots,
Lyn _(",)/
02 Oct '14

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