Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Life at Mid-20’s, as We Call It

I have yet to make another mushy blogpost today. (He he) Taking some breather from all the financial technicalities of my blog, and letting out part of my human emotional side.

Last night, I re-visited my 12-year old online diary website (Yes, I kept it since I was in sophomore in high school) – only a few of my high school and college friends know about it – but I guess, their accounts on that website has already “extinguished” due to years of inactivity.  It’s a good thing mine is still working. (smiles)  It was quite an irony as I clicked each entry dated back 5 to 8 years ago and re-learn lessons from my younger self. 

Both the bad and good situations I’ve gone through – be it confusion about life’s decisions, which company to get into when I’ve earned my college degree, what future decision to make about earning a living, about gratitude on simple life’s blessings such as love from family and comfort from friends, for the joys and hurts of “love-life”, to my frustrations, failures, disappointments, triumphs and life’s victory – these gave me a sense of “knowing and re-learning” about who I really am and how I go deal with life’s situations.

At my present age of 26, and though how I continue to maintain my child-like attitude, I couldn’t help but still get affected by how people say of things we should and we shouldn’t do based on how or where we are not at this present.  I do not take it against them.  In fact, I am always fond of learning lessons based on experiences of elder people (even up to those who are twice and thrice my age!).  At this age of mid-20s where we already experienced how it is to be “independent” through knowing how to earn a living and going through the age of inculcating the same to the community around us – I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed at how greater such responsibility is.  Sometimes, I get too stuck in the future that I am letting some present time get wasted. (Argh)

This mid-20s age involves lots of decisions – both present and future - Decisions about careers, love life, finances, business, family, places.  Though I am the one who will make the decision, it is comforting to know that my family, my friends, my mentors and my community are there to provide inputs of both the good and the bad consequences.  After all, I never really have to do it alone.  Best of all, I can always run to the Great Guy above who would just wrap His arms around me for peace and guidance.

“All things work good for those who love Him.”

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

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