Thursday, December 06, 2012

You Miss Me? I Miss You More!

I definitely miss writing.

So, where have I been for the past month that this blog has become idle? I don’t know what had happened that I just “stopped”.  It was surely not writer’s block, because each day (or every other day), a new idea comes into my mind that would indulge me to type letters on my keyboard, but I did not continue writing. I guess, it was also due to winter season coming in during this month of November, and that sudden change to the dark cold weather also left me gloomy and empty.

Anyway, stop on my ranting for the reasons. =P

So, what is new with me for this month?

For Personal Matters:
- I finally moved in to a 3-floored townhouse just this 1st December! It was really a blessing because my new place is “cosy”.  I am sharing it to two other Filipinos.  Just this Wednesday night, we volunteered our place to be the venue for our Wednesday homegroup – and everyone loved our place. Saying it’s sooo “homey”. :-) We’re glad that our place provided a welcoming aura – and our homegroup friends decided that our place will be the “permanent” venue for homegroup! hahaha… =D

- I am busy packing my things and luggage for my long journey flight to Pinas this coming Sunday! Wohooo… I’m excited to be home and arrive in Manila on Monday. =) So, please please please… pray for a good weather for me. (There was hail last night here, and a little bit of snow, which resulted to a foggy sky.  And when it’s foggy, flights are cancelled. waaah!)  Everyday, I always checked my phone for the weather update, and so far, Sunday gives a warm sunshine and cloudy sky. *smiles*  I also checked Manila’s weather by Monday, and it is a cloudy sky. Yey!

- For my lovelife. Uhm, I prefer to keep it private. =)

For Businesses:

- My college friend and I had set up and established being a trusted seller in Multiply.  We have gotten loyal customers and also set up a bazar in one of the condominiums in Manila and the bazaar has been a profitable day.  If you want to purchase our Avent baby products, kindly visit our site at AventMommy. FREE shipping still continues this month. :)

- I also set up my own online store for Ipanema and Grendha sandals. If you would like to view the products and make a purchase, kindly visit Team Retail Shop.

- The other money machines that my family and I have set up in my hometown also generates income to the family.  With all these outpour of blessings, I am more than grateful to the Great Guy above for these wonderful opportunities. =)

For Investments:

- Personally, being part of the Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club has provided me opportunities to manage and take charge of my personal finance.  Further, the wealth strategies, stock recommendations and daily GodWhispers provided by the club have put me into proper perspectives on money, spirituality, business, and risks. =)

- I am also happy to be an instrument that fellow OFWs on my side of the planet are now into investing. Actually, I will bring signed forms to hand over to the stock broker when I’m back in Pinas next week! Yey! \(“,)/

**I feel like a kiddo with all of the smileys and expressions I’ve used on my write-up above.** Smile with tongue out

For now, let me greet you all a MERRY MERRY Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Thank You for visiting my blog even when I was away! I surely miss you All! =)


Keep learning and keep on moving forward!


Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. Glad to have you back writing Lyn-Lyn! And you're spending the holidays back home pa! I'm sure it's going to be a very merry Christmas for you :)

    1. Thank you, Ate Jills! :) Sobrang napagod dahil sa reunion, pero sobra2x na nag-enjoy rin. =D Iba talaga ang Pasko sa Pinas. At iba nag Pasko na kasama ang family. =)

  2. Belated Merry Christmas Lyn! :) You were definitely missed :)

    BTW, i-note ko yang baby products na yan :)

    1. Naks! Congrats in advance na ba? :) Meron ng bundle of joy? Yeheeee...!! Thanks. Kumuha ka ng baby products samin. It's affordable, and made in England. \(",)/


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