Wednesday, January 09, 2013

ANC On The Money: Pag-ibig Fund. My Name Got Featured! =)

My name got featured on this episode! Yey! \(“,)/

I had been a fan of this show since it started on August 2012 – and I am proud that our Philippine media has taken this big leap towards financial education towards us, Filipinos.  The show has been an eye-opener that even the most basic of managing our personal finances would be a tool towards our dream of financial freedom (not the quick-rich scheme). =D

I raised the suggestion for the Pag-ibig Fund episode in their Facebook Page last October 2012.  Ms. Melissa, one of the TV hosts, informed me that they were able to have Atty. Darlene Berberabe, the CEO of Pag-ibig, to guest for the show during the 3rd week of November. Since I do not have access here abroad, I watched the episode when it was uploaded in YouTube during my December holiday. =)

I received facebook messages from those who also watch the show and thank me for the suggestion. I appreciated it – and am more glad that it was a tool for us to learn more about Pag-ibig Funds and the benefits we can get from it.

ANC On The Money: Pag-ibig Fund

I have a housing loan payable for 21 years, but I want to pay it ahead of time.  I am glad that there are no penalty charges yet for prepayment of outstanding balance!

ANC On The Money_Pag-ibig Funds

With regard to number of loans, Pag-ibig only provides a loan when the previous loan has been paid out.  Hence, when I finished our housing loan, I look forward to get another one for real estate investing. I have not yet compared bank rates to Pag-ibig rates, but I’m thinking that the latter is cheaper (not yet sure).

ANC On The Money_Pag-ibig Fund

Oh! Happy New Year, everyone! =)


Cheers to another blessed year,
Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/



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