Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Always Have a Grateful Heart – Be Thankful _(“,)/

I miss writing – but I don’t know why I am recently out of words. All I wanted was to let pictures speak for themselves.


I took this photo last 23 June 2012, when I attended
the boys’ stag party outdoor adventure. =)

Over the last couple of weeks, I have so much to be thankful for our Lord. I always have been a person with a thankful & happy heart – I say thank you when I eat food.  =) I smile at the sight and touch of sunrise.  I would have a “joyful teardrop” with a hug from a friend.  I laugh hard at the simplest of thing that is “laughable”.  I giggle with joy to hear a touching and successful love story.  I would cry with gratefulness seeing people helping each other (like the Facebook group I am into who is helping out streetkids and making a boat for the kids in northern part of Negros so these kids can get to their school to study).  I am amazed and awed at the beauty of nature – especially with the changing colors of the horizon during sunset.  I would run to the seashore and let the waves come run after me. =D

Over the last two months, I am again thankful to our Father for providing me with the greatest wealth of all.  Yes, for the past months, I have been to two adorable countries: France and Greece.  I am blessed in my work – getting a good feedback from the director and my client manager.  I recently partnered with my college friend to put up our online store: known as Avent Mommy.  From online selling of Grendha and Ipanema sandals in Facebook since December 2011, following my friend’s Avent Mommy store, I also set up an online store for retail items: known as Team Retail Shop – the name was inspired by my “retail audit client” when I was starting my career as an auditor. =)  I audited one of the Philippine’s biggest retail stores back then. That was the experience that molded me to be what an auditor is all about.

The past month was also a witness of how our Philippine economy has boomed, soared high and became well-known as an investment opportunity of 1st world countries.  This has provided an opportunity for us, the Filipino investors, to gain profit from our paper asset investments: like stocks, mutual funds, UITFs and even variable insurance.   Together with my family, I also ventured into real estate just this June and got another property that would serve as another means of passive income. :-) 

Paris_France Athens_Greece
Left: Taken at Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (April 2012)
Right: Taken at Ancient Angora in Athens, Greece (May 2012)

A college friend has also dropped me a message saying thank you about letting her know of online work-at-home jobs through oDesk. She said she now earns $200! Wow!! A few days ago, I also received an email from the Truly Rich Club, that I had an “affiliate sale”, which means I was able to refer someone to the club, and earned a certain % for the sale. =D Let me know if YOU are reading this entry.  Feel my overflowing THANKFULNESS – welcome to the club of earnings and generosity! \(“,)/

What is my Greatest Wealth? Some people would thought that it was the materialistic pictures I post in my Facebook account – they just don’t know that my greatest wealth is found behind those pictures.  It was more than just the travel to European countries. It was even greater than a profit earned at trading my stocks, and even more valuable than the market value of the property I recently purchased.

My greatest wealth is found at every one peso long-distance text message that I would receive from my family and friends whenever I wake up each morning and before I sleep at night – that everyday, I am reminded that I am loved.  My greatest wealth is at the sound of Skype dates from my family’s laughters and everyday stories.  It is felt at the presence of friends here abroad who would be there as a shoulder to cry on – who would know my FB status that is hidden from the world.  My greatest wealth is found at a friend’s listening ear – who understands how a long-distance relationship requires enough effort to continue holding on to, because I care and I love.  This precious wealth is felt at every hug, every kind word, every thought of appreciation, and every praise of service to my God.

DSC04568Taken at Lavender Farm – 03 June 2012

Yes, we are all rich.
We are all blessed – because we are surrounded
by people to help, to bless, to guide and to love. =)

The Katinas–Thank You


Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/


  1. Hi Ate Lyn! So inspired by this. I also love the song Thank You by Katinas. More blessings! :)

  2. You're welcome, Aya. =) God bless you too.


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