Monday, July 09, 2012

I make businesses. I am a miracle-worker.

“I am a business-creator.
I am a miracle-worker.
I am blessed to be a blessing to others.”


I went home today with a smile of gratitude and a peaceful feeling after making into reality the lifelong dream of a very cool and loving 61-year old Filipina nurse – (I just revealed her age, but don’t be deceived – she’s as strong, as talented, as active as a 45-year old woman) – and she looks more than a decade younger than her true age. As she always tells me, “Age is just a number.” =)

It has been her lifelong dream to cook – and provide Filipino dishes to people around her.  Personally, she really cooks awesomely! She can make kare-kare, banana fritter (aka: turon), humba, carrot cake, chocolate cake, etc…etc… :) The mere taste of food she cooks make me feel that home is just nearby – I even tease her most of the time to just “adopt” me at her house (in order for me to taste her good food everyday). ;)

After the 6pm Sunday mass today, where we the Filipino choir served, she invited me to her house in order for us to create her “online carinderia” to cater pack lunch to working Filipino professionals in this foreign land. After making some tweeks in Facebook and pretending to be “her”, I managed to make a Facebook group page, named it after the business name agreed with her, and invited all our Filipino friends, mostly accountants, auditors and nurses, who are here. 

Within the 2.5 hours I was at her house (from 7:30pm to 10pm) – we managed to set up her FB online carinderia, invited almost a hundred members in the group, take orders for 2-day menu (Monday & Tuesday), and had trending comments from all Filipinos here – we got more than what she expected us an order on her “launching dates”. Whoooopiee!

I felt like crying when she shared her dream of having the food business – which has been rooted even during those times she worked more than a decade ago in the Middle East (before she went to London).  She also loved making cakes – and showed me the big box of unused and un-eaten flowerettes icing cakes she made – w/c helps her from being stressed out from her duties of being a nurse.

I am a Miracle Worker

The best part of tonight was when she shared in her Facebook status these following words:

“Tomorrow, I’m going to make my lifelong dream come true.”

Tomorrow is Monday – and I ordered for kare-kare! :)

I went home tonight with a smile of gratitude and peaceful feeling.
I went home tonight giving thanks to the Mighty Creator who provided me with this special gift.
I went home tonight with sushi from this Filipina nurse. =)
I went home tonight hearing the words from her, “Thank you for making my dreams come true.”

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/

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