Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Emotions in the Stock Market

"If there are ABCs in investing, there are also FGHIs... Fear, Greed, Hope and Ignorance. Get rid of these emotions if you are trading and investing in the stock market." - Jesse Livermore.

jesse stock market

Watching this episode again from ANC OnTheMoney.  As our stock market breaks another record high, let us all take in charge of our emotions - because these affect the way we look at money and our investments. Happy investing, as always! \(",)/


ANC OnTheMoney: Understanding Money Behavior


Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. hi blogger! musta na stock investment natin jan lynlyn? medyo matagal na din di ako nakakavisit sa PSE, ano ba marerecomend mo na stocks na patok ngaun hehehee

  2. I also love On the Money (and the male host) hehe! kidding aside, FGHI are sooo existing, causing us, traders/investors, to make decisions that we regret later on. That is why stock market is not for everybody.

  3. I love ANC on the money too! Thanks for sharing these informative videos. Yeah, it's really hard to handle your emotions in the stock market. When I first started investing, it was one of my biggest challenges - and to think I consider myself even-keeled and normally stoic!


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