Sunday, January 20, 2013

When Someone Does You a Big Favor, just… Pay It Forward.

Pay it Forward…. it was a movie I watched for five times (already!) since it was introduced to us in our Values Education class during my sophomore year in high school.  I took the movie at heart (I watched it again and again few years after) and took the assignment from the movie seriously, which was: Think of something to change the world and put it into action.

During my reunion with my high school classmates last December, one of my high school friends (“J”) told me that another classmate of ours (“C”) had helped her with the transportation and hotel reservation when the former went to Manila.  For people who had heard about the bad stuffs for victims who are usually new in the capital city of our country and never grew up there, we are very cautious and feel safer if someone we know would fetch us from the airport or would help us tour around the big city.

“C” who came from a night shift duty went all the way to fetch “J” at the airport and help the latter with the transportation and hotel reservation. And “J” told me how much she appreciated such hospitability from “C”.  When “J” said her thanks to “C”, “C” told her: “Nah…just pay it forward. It was something I experienced and learned from Lyn-Lyn.”   *I got misty-eyed!* Twing!

Pay It Forward

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I could not help but feel a little bit misty-eyed when I heard those words. I remembered I had helped “C” a few years back when I had an apartment at Makati and opened the doors for “C” to stay there for easier transport for a week training she had in her workplace. The training was at Makati, while she was living at Quezon City (where the main office was). Just imagine the travel time she would incur, including the hassle-bustle of the traffic.  It was, for me, a small favor I can do for a friend who needs temporary shelter – and when she offered monetary payment for her stay at my apartment, I told her that she just have to pay it forward.  And she really did!! Wow!  (A few years earlier, I also had experienced generosity from others, and in my own way, also paid it forward. And the pay-it-forward cycle continues…)

“J” also told me that she needs to find that someone so she can “pay forward”, too, what “C” had provided to her. Amazing!! =)

If most people would help each other and be a blessing to one another, then this sure is a place that our future generation would be grateful to have. And sometimes, I realize that what we thought are small favors we give for others may mean big favors for them. :) Yey!  In our own little way, we can already bless people. :)

(Just a side note: when you owe someone money, you sure have to pay it back to that someone! Ok? Hehe..)

I recommend for you to watch this movie. Check out for its trailer. Happy watching!

Pay It Forward movie trailer

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

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