Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Anchor of My Life

Whenever I am too lazy to write a blog post (which I always am) or just take privately the things that are happening to my life (and write them on my notebook journal of gratefulness, instead), I spend some quiet time re-reading on some of my previous posts, and reflect on how situations have changed…for the better.  It’s amazing at how at most times that we plan every single bit of detail for our lives, even up to the single centavo that we would allocate or budget to certain wants or needs, but then there will be situations that will happen that will either break or make us – and everything just changes.

I saw a Facebook post of one of my friends earlier that said,
If material things are what you refer to when you say I AM BLESSED, then you have no idea what a blessing is!”

Since I have started to become a financial advocate and enhance my knowledge on financial literacy, I have been reading posts on basic finances and how to properly prepare for future needs. Somehow along those anxiety, fear, excitement and joy of either disrupting the finances or achieving financial goals, we have mislooked the present situation and should have been grateful instead of what we currently have that simply never really take much money to bring us joy and much gratitude for life.

A week ago, I just came back from my holiday/vacation in Japan and Philippines.  It was the first time that “the honey” and I travelled and be together for more than 3 weeks. We went to Palawan, Japan and in my hometown in Bacolod.  We also did a side trip to swim with the whale sharks and stand in awe at the majestic Tumalog Falls in Oslob, Cebu. We made memories and able to spend quality time together with my family.  It was his first time to travel to Asia, and he was overwhelmed by the attention he was getting for being a “foreigner” and how prices are affordable as compared to a first world country.  Those things that I have taken for granted for, such as the convenience of being able to drop our grocery bags at SM bag counter in order to continue shopping around or just stroll around the mall with not bringing tons of grocery bags (and so we can continue with our HHWW, holding hands while walking. hahaha!) , were appreciated by a “foreigner” like him. Such simple joy of convenience!

During those times I am spending both my time with family and friends and with “the honey”, I could not help but just smile out of the blue, and be really deeply happy, at how the world that I grew up with (Philippines) is now meeting the world that I am in right now when “the honey” went with me for this vacation to meet my family and friends.  Slowly, I have embraced the decision to stay in the world that I am in right now (when back then, I used to stand firm and fight for the decision to going back home for good).  At first, I thought it was a betrayal to my own beloved country – that I am depriving my own race of its own talents. And then I realised, no matter where Filipinos are in the world, we can still deliver and make our own country proud – by bringing our values, our character, our love for family, our hospitality and being a blessing to other races. “Grow wherever you are planted”, as they always say.

(While writing this entry, this song on my Jango Radio is playing in the background….)

NoteLord I’m amazed by You…
How You love me. Note

What a timing!!!

The Great Guy above has always been the anchor of my life.  It was amazing that from the only daughter in the family who was once afraid to take risks to get out of my provincial town to venture to the city of Manila has made it to take an even greater risk of living far away from home.  And through all those journeys, I always find myself running to church and meeting people who can help me grow in my spiritual journey.  At present, I am currently part of our parish choir who continue to serve Him during every Sunday’s mass.  I also actively counsel fellow youngsters in their faith and journey towards making life’s decisions – and guide them on seeking for prayers, first.

Whenever family relatives and friends tell me at how blessed I have been (they usually refer to all the achievements, loving relationship with “the honey” and the opportunity of being able to work abroad) – I always let them know that even since I was little, I always feel blessed: the love that surrounded me since I was growing up are blessings and precious treasures that weigh more than any other wealth in this world. One even compared her life to me, and I told her that comparisons are unnecessary. Each of us has been uniquely blessed and surrounded by blessings – we just have to identify them and be thankful for them. Blessings come at the simplest joy of being able to share morning pandesal  and coffee with family.

Photo of Tumalog Falls
Oslob, Cebu


I pray for more blessings unto your life!


Love Lots,
Lyn \(“,)/

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