Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Theme Song for Financial Budgeting

And now we're starting over again, it's not the easiest thing to do
I'm feeling inside again, 'cause every time I look at you
I know we're starting over again, this time we'll leave all the pain away
Welcome home my lover and friend, we are starting over, over again

For the first half of the year, I have exhausted my stock portfolio to half and almost nil out my emergency funds coz of my eagerness to pay off in full my home mortgage (wohooo! Just a few weeks ago, I have claimed my property title back from the Registry of Deeds!). I am now living a life of being debt-free! And then whaaapaaak! Suddenly, I drifted away from my financial goals and my discipline of monthly savings and investing were torn apart. Waaah! *Cry

So, the theme song above suddenly existed.

I brought out my excel sheets again. I created new names as to where the savings that I will take off from my monthly salary will go: 1. Equity fund (I am planning to open one here in the UK. I am still researching on which one will be able to meet my financial objectives); 2. Peso equity retirement fund in Philippines (I have set this up automatically when I went home weeks ago, and this is now a monthly automatic cut from my peso savings account); and 3. Education for my future kids.
New changes are bound to happen. I am starting a new job on November.

And being just back from holiday from Philippines, I am again browsing flights to go home this Christmas and New Year! (Aaaah...parang gnagawa ko lng Divisoria ang UK and Pinas). I spent the entire weekend trying to weigh the decision of going home this Christmas season – given that the plane tickets are twice as much as the normal fares. And then pooof! I gave in to my emotions. My new employer has allowed me to spend Christmas and New Year back home – but they *warned that I may not be able to get the same holiday the following year. So, I better grab this opportunity NOW. Plus, “the honey” has voluntarily offered to pay half of my plane fare (whoooa!). He insisted, saying that it is already his Christmas present for me. *smiles *smiles  Who am I to decline?=)

There you go. Dear budgeting and monthly saving and investing, we are starting over again. I have accepted the fact that I made some off-the-budget mistakes during the first half of the year, but I come to terms that I shall accept these mistakes and learn from them.
Dear investing funds, I will be more loyal and faithful to you until you have reached the purpose of your creation.
Dear emergency funds, I will build you up again.
Dear soon-to-be wedding fund, you shall soon happen. Have faith.

Dear education fund for my future kids, you have more than 20+ years to go. We will create the little fund fetus to make you grow healthy and bouncy for the coming years.

Love Lots,Lyn \(“,)/

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