Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Travelling Feet

I had lunch with my soon-to-be travelling buddies today.  We talked again about our plans for this year's Europe tour.  While looking at the set of declared public holidays, we decided to take Paris out of the countries for our Europe tour this July and moved it instead to a separate schedule.  It's going to be on April! Yey!  \(",)/

The plan would take a boat from our place going to France (did I mention that France is just a 30-minute sea travel from my place? It's soooo near! Yet, I cannot go there because a different visa is already required), then take a train going to the land of love, Paris. ^_^
This year, these are my planned travelling months:
  • April - Paris
  • May or June - London for the Olympics
  • July - Europe (we're planning to go to Rome, Venice, Barcelona)
  • December - Pinas! :)

The lakwatsera in me is alive and kicking!
I'm so exciteeed..... :) [I just can't hide it..tralalala]

Hopefully, the French embassy will grant us a favorable 6-month to 1-year time on our Schengen Visa.

Enjoy life, friends! :)

Lyn-Lyn \(",)/


  1. wow! kumpleto na ang europe tour ng isang bata jan! weeehhh! picture picture na lang ha! :) heheheh

    pacenxa na lynlyn, masyado ko naaliw sa blog mo, kaya every post mo may comment ako! hahaha. di naman masama noh?? hihihih

    tamad ako magpost sa forum eh, kaya dito ko nanggugulo! hahaha :P

    1. Sure na sure oki na oki ka mag comment, Ate Cha. :) I reli leli leli appreciate it. ^_^


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