Monday, January 16, 2012

The Travelling Bag

I went to de Gruchy yesterday with one purpose in mind: to take the shortcut from the town centre going back to my flat. But oh lalala….
The de Gruchy is one of the “malls” here and everything is on SALE! Smile with tongue out  I took some notice of the clothes…and shoes…and bags… Surprised smile 
Haaaiiis….love, love, love to buy them!  I raised my hand and feel the linen and the comfort of the clothes. Hmmm…. They are on sale! Control…control…


I move on.. one step forward (I only went here to take the shortcut!).  Until I reached the scented candle section and it’s 50% off!

I smelled the rosebum candles, then the lavender, then the light blue color candle.. then the white one. Hmmm… smells good and homey.  Laughing out loud


I was about to take the rosebum scented candle to the counter when uhm, ahm… I realised that I don’t need it yet (still, I ended up buying another scented candle when I went out from de Gruchy! At least, it’s much cheaper to the next store. hehe) ^__^


I move further ahead, when I notice the travelling bags on sale! Samsonite is on 50% OFF! Weheee….!  This time.. swak!  I went home with this lavender travelling bag.  This is useful because when I checked on my work calendar, I am assigned for 3 weeks to another state and this means going out flying again! (waaah!)  I used to love the perks of travelling, but since it’s related to work, naaah…

American Tourister by Samsonite

Having this stroller would give me ease in carrying my things, since I used to only have my back up bag when I go to client’s office.  And it’s lavender.. ^_^  I can easily find it in baggage claim area. Open-mouthed smile
Hmmm… the thought of buying this bag remind me of T-R-A-V-E-L-L-I-N-G.  I postponed it a year ago, when I was planning to go for a 2-week vacation either in Scotland or Amsterdam.  But the result of postponing it was good, I was able to enhance my financial literacy and bump into my new-found family, the Kerygma Forum.  There are lots of public holidays on April, May and on June this year to celebrate the Queen’s golden jubilee birthday.  My friends are planning to go to mainland London for the Olympics this July.  And more group of friends are planning to take a 10-day European tour. Yayeee….! \(“,)/


Let’s see how far will this travelling bag be with me for this year. Rolling on the floor laughing


Keep learning and keep moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/


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