Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zipline: It’s More Fun in the Philippines _(“,)/

Facebook keeps on trending the “More Fun in the Philippines” photos and get me sooo excited that I want to share mine. Open-mouthed smile  Friends, please welcome my first try for promoting tourism in our beloved country:

zipline more fun in the philippines

My models are my boyfriend’s beloved family:
(L-R) his brother, his cousin’s son & his uncle

Experience the highest zipline in Southeast Asia
at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato \(“,)/
Date Taken: December 29, 2011


To go to Lake Sebu if you are from Manila, take the 1.5-hour flight going General Santos City. 
Then, it will be an approximately 3.5 hours bus travel from General Santos City to Lake Sebu. 
The place also offers the sweetest and juicy-iest tilapia! Chaaarap!


Enjoy life! ^_^

Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. sana makapag zipline din me soon! never try before,sa sampayan lang! hahahah :P

  2. lynlyn dapat yung pics nyo ni fafa A., yung inilagay mo dito! or yung video nyo na nakaholding hands! ganda nun, valentines ang tema! ayieeeeeeeeee! :P


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