Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Weekend to Splurge!

I was all set to plan my Saturday to “relax” – take some time just here in my room, maybe stay at the patio downstairs and enjoy the sunshine.  By Saturday night, I have a scheduled “Hen Do” (aka: soon-to-be-bride night) for our friend who will be married on 7th July.   And on Sunday, I will have a daytrip to France! =) We booked the tickets just Thursday morning, because we craved to have a taste of French crepe and viola! There’s a return ticket equivalent to just almost Php1650! Yeheee…!  So, France, see ya on Sunday! Bonjour! :-)

And this afternoon by 5pm, before the Friday work-day is finished, the best man of the wedding (their “Stag Party” will also be held this Saturday) informed me if I want to join the boys with their stag party adventure! Ohlaaaaaaaaaaa…..! I’ve been pleading the boys to let me join their stag party because their theme is “adventure” – Ooops, let me clear this first. The stag party that they planned here is not the kind that you are thinking right now. hahaha… It’s going to be kayaking and blokarting and island tour. Wooow!!! :-)   So, without further ado, I said my “YES!”

Hence, these are my weekend plans:

  • Saturday from 9am to 7pm = stag party with the boys (they are even joking me that my role will be their camera-woman. Twoinks!)
  • Saturday from 7pm til midnight = hen do for the bride and the ladies
  • Sunday from 8am to 7pm = Daytrip to France (Great that I still have my visa!)


Have I already mentioned before that France is just 1.5 hour away from our place? :) But since it’s a European country, while we are part of the United Kingdom, we would need a Schengen visa to go there.


It will surely be a weekend of adventure! =)

Watch out for the pictures!


Have a happy weekend, everyone!


Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

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