Wednesday, June 06, 2012

In Life, We Need Options and Choices

My hand was sweaty. My heart thumped hard and beat faster. My knees could barely support my body and about to collapse if someone would move me. 

In a few minutes, I would talk to the "Big Boss" and would lay down my card to request for a transfer from working in our headquarters in Makati City to our regional office, in my hometown, in Bacolod City.

It was a career-change choice I made almost 2 years ago. I had to transfer for personal reasons and the best strategy is to move to a regional branch if my decision is still to be part of one of the Big 4 audit firms in the country. And it was my only option, because I still would love to stay with the company - but have to move away from where I found independence of living in my own, from friends who I have known in the capital city of the Philippines and from where the best brains are - our Makati headquarters.  This was my only choice. This was my only option at that time.

When I entered the Big Boss office, he asked about my plans.  With a quivering voice, I detailed to him my personal reasons and that to transfer was the only best idea that me and my family think of.  (Why do we always have to quiver and shake in front of the boss? I guess, it's just the same as a student doing some recitations in front of the class. Hehe.)

The next words that my boss asked made me dumbfounded in the next couple of minutes.  "What is your Plan B? What if your plan A, which is to transfer to Bacolod, would fail?", he asked.

And I.... caught my tongue.  I couldn't utter a single word! My braincells went faster to think of another idea, but I only stick to my first plan.  He helped me with the thinking.  He offered possible options and strategies.  It felt amazing that ideas just suddenly came in - and the fear I felt of failing with my first (and only) option was no longer there, but was replaced by HOPE because I now have second options, and third, and fourth...

- - - -

I believe that, in life, we are all offered with opportunities and options and choices.  It's not just a Yes or No, nor Gray or Black.  There are more to life that we need to discover - and more from it that we have to consider.  We should never limit our capabilities - but rather explore more of the possibilities.

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/

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