Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Realised: I Am Not a Saver

Last night, I was looking at Rich Dad Poor Dad cashflow quadrant and I wonder where I am at this current stage in my life (char!).  I think I am all over the quadrants (hahaha!), except for the S quadrant (I've never been self-employed), with the chunk of my cashflow coming from being in the E quadrant.

Keeping Your Day Job While Starting a Business
This is one of the phrases that caught my attention while reading Robert Kiyosaki's book, Guide to Investing.  A year ago, I had that tendency to jump on my entrepreneurial spirit, to leave my work, and to start a business according to my ideas and a few start-up capital.  But I realised that I need steady income at the moment to finance for my "luho" (which is travelling. Hahaha!); and most importantly, to gain network of people while learning the skills necessary in creating my business. =)

Am I Really A Saver? Uhmmm...
And while looking back at these sort-of "business ventures" I made over the years and my quest for getting into the investment world, I realised that... I never had been a typical "saver". 

I had been working abroad for 500 days now and been working as a professional accountant for 1,410 days now (hehe. I just wanted to change how we typically measure the number of years into days. =P), but NEVER had I was able to save consistently.  Why?

...Because I would use the savings for personal emergency (ie: when a family member is confined in a hospital)
...Because whenever I have enough savings, I would start up a mini-business and investments,
...Because even though I try to think I'm setting up emergency fund, I feel that I'm losing from the inflation and the interest income (if there's any or if you can feel it) is not something that you would really appreciate as time goes by. :P

And just recently, I used my savings to purchase my international ticket to Philippines this coming December and the remainder as a capital to another business venture that me and my college friend are planning to launch soon. =D


I realised, all these years, I am not a saver.

Never get me wrong.  It still is important to put up our emergency savings fund (which I feel that I have to do).  I guess, we just have to make our investments as liquid as possible.

Oh well, wherever we want to be in this cashflow quadrant, it is OUR choice.  We just have to weigh opportunities coming our way and have good planning for its respective risks. (:

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/

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