Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Job well done and another blessing.

It’s the slack season for audit now (whoooopie!!!).  Honestly, I’m not really doing anything at the office, except for doing virtual trainings and updating myself with standards (and doing sideline reading on my favorite business and investing websites. hehehe…) =)

Anyway, a week ago, I forwarded one of my reports to our director for his review, which he was able to finish just after lunch this day.  He went to my desk, with my reports, and told me: “Ros, job well done! I only had few review points which are only on formatting, but the overall content is great.” Whooooaw!!!! :))  And when I checked on our electronic files to check on his virtual review points, there are indeed only a few, like I can just count them using my fingers! (Normally, review points from executive directors ran over all your fingers and toes, and more..haha!)

I was even surprised that one of his virtual review points say, “Overall very good files. Job well done!” Whoahiiiiie! It made my day. =)

Job well done
PLUS, I changed my work laptop today to a new one, hence I went to our IT department to do laptop switching.  Yesterday, I also asked help from our IT about the issue on my personal laptop, Bridgette, who I accidentally lock the administrator account (huhu).  And after lunch today, our IT department offered to fix it (ie: running the DOS command language, and alien-computer white-black languages in Bridgette).  After just 10 minutes, after clicking white-black commands, my laptop was fixed! Yahooooo _(“,)/ I appreciated such help for non-work related favors. hehe.. ^__^


Happy days. :)


Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

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