Monday, May 21, 2012

A Lesson on Generosity & Being Blessed

On a Saturday morning, I had a wonderful 4-hour Skype date with my family in Bacolod. (Yeah, this is how I missed them and how we spend usual weekend mornings - just updating each other about anything and everything.) =)

Mama had told me that a week ago, she attended a raffle draw in a church organization that she attends to.  Guess who won the major prize? Her!!! :)) How I wish the major prize was a house and lot. (Hahaha! Wishful thinking.)  She told me she got most of the grocery package - liters of oil, rice, juice, biscuits, etc..etc...

Share Whatever Little You Have
What strike me most was that Mama never took all the prizes with her.  She gave the rice to one of her groupmates, an old woman, who never had won any prize.  And this old woman, who I also know personally since I was a kid, always had little to herself, but I find it upsetting, that she also always – each and every day - complains about how little, financially and emotionally speaking, she got in her life. (Tsk. Quite an irony.)

My mother had instill to me that whatever we have - small, big, monetary, or even just mere presence - we should share it to someone who needs it most.  Her groupmates even said when she won the prize, "Kung cno pa ung marami ng blessings at may anak sa abroad, siya pa ung nanalo." (It’s better said in Filipino words.)

I guess that's the reason why destiny chose my mom to win the prize.  Because when she received the blessings, she shared and gave it right away.  What if it was won by others? Would they share the blessings, as well? I don’t know.

And since she won the major prize, they teased her to have a celebration at home earlier before our Skype date.  And guess what, more had been provided to her - ie: her church friends brought in donuts, spaghetti and other foods at home. =)

Hmmm... truly, when you share, more will be given back to you.

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/


  1. wow! awesome post lynlyn. its true and nakakatuwa basahin tong isinulat mo, i admired your mama, for her kindness and generosity even in a little way! Godbless your family! :)

    1. Thanks, mami cha. :) If ma-meet mo c mader earth ko, mas malakas pa tumawa sakin un. Abot hanggang kabilang isla. hahaha.. *exag* Pero parang ganun. =P

  2. hahahah may pinagmanahan ka pla! harhar :P


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