Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Never Know What You Got, Until It's Gone

This saying has been an old adage, but I was reminded about it just recently when the administrator account of my personal laptop, Bridgette, was LOCKED! 

I was scheduled to make presentation on the stock investing in Philippines last Saturday, and I thought of "cleaning my desktop", changing my desktop backgrounds and then, thought of also putting on a password to my administrator account.  After putting in my well-memorised password and testing it, my laptop suddenly just do not recognize my password and it keeps on telling me that my username and password were incorrect. *waaah!*  It was just a good thing that before this "I cannot-unlock-my-admin-account" mess had happened, I forwarded an email of my stock investing presentation to my brothers, which I just retrieve from my sent items when it was time to make the presentation. (Thank heavens for emails!)


Anyway, from Saturday morning until Tuesday, that’s 4 days, I was just using the other Standard User account of my laptop, which only has limited access, ie: It only uses Internet Explorer and standard MS Office applications.

During those 4 days, I miss the convenience of using Google Chrome as my browser, Adobe Photoshop to play on pictures and edit them, my music player for my worship songs and videos, my personal excel files, my Windows applications which are all directly connected to my blogs (I can make entries even if I'm offline), etc...etc...

- - -
The above maybe just a petty example, but I realized, I would have never appreciated these simple computer programs and convenience of having my own admin privileges if this scenario did not happen.

And it made me reflect on the way I'm living my life, as well.  Time is very much important, and I believe (naks! Pang-Miss Universe lng na introduction) that every second that passes is something we can never get back. 

So, spend every moment
...enjoying life,
...learning from our mistakes,
...rejoicing for the blessings,
...inspiring people,
...laughing when embarrassed,
...proclaiming His Word, life and loving every second of it.

...BECAUSE you will never know what you got, until it’s gone!
(You would just be lucky if you will be given second chances.) *winks*

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/

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