Monday, March 12, 2012

Approved Europe Visa, Plus Two French Words

After just 4 days of processing for our Schengen visa (this is what the visa for Europe is called), my passport arrived at my flat with another sticker (I mean, visa) attached to it! Yipeeee…!
Apologies for the deleted/edited portions of the visa. 
I just need to hide my personal private details. ^_^
I got a multiple visa entry :) Thank You, Lord! Yey! Smile
- - - - -
My first destination for the Europe tour is Paris, which is in France.  So, I really reallly really reaaaally have to learn how to speak French (gulp).  Recently, I learned two basic French words.
Here they are:
(1)  In United States, this is called “bread”. 
      In France, bread is called “PAIN”, which is pronounced as “pan”.

French bread is pain
Here’s another word:
(2)  The French spelling for “fish” is POISSON! hahaha.. :)  In France, this is pronounced as “Posan”.  ( It seems like you’re a ngo-ngo whenever you speak these words.) Smile with tongue out
French fish is poisson
There is a joke in France that a person went to a wet market wherein the signboard there provides on top the French word and below is its corresponding English translation. 
A buyer who does not know how to speak French went to this wet market and read the following signboard:
Poisson Fish in France
The buyer said: “What kind of a market is this? They are selling Poison Fish!”
Hahahahahahahahaha! Smile with tongue out

Keep learning and keep on moving forward! \(“,)/

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

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