Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 18: Whom do you admire the most?

Aside from being a Papa’s girl, I am also my Manong’s forever girlfriend.
(“Manong” is an Ilonggo’s term for elder brother.)  ^_^

person I admire the most is my brotherWhy do I admire him the most? 

It’s because he is the epitome of an eldest child who would be selfless in order to be the “leader” for his younger siblings.

He is the son whom every parent would be proud of, and every kid would wish to be a brother whom they can grow up with. (I’m lucky I have him!)

Why do I look up to him so much?  Because aside from being a brother who would discipline me during those times my devilish ‘crown’ was growing (hehe), he also became my beast friend whom I share secrets with, who can tell me straight to my face the words that other people just try to sugar-coat to me.  He is my punching bag when I need to release my anger (haha) and the shoulder I lean on when I just want to be comforted. 

He is the first person who can see the best in me even though I feel at my worst.

He gives a hand and would never let go, even when you feel like letting go already.

He gives a hug every time he loves to… and I will be uplifted.

To have him means to have someone who keeps on believing in you.  He never gives up believing in me.

Where I am now, it was him who pushed me at the very starting line.  When I already gave up on pursuing my professional license, it was him who persevered in order for me to keep my focus on this goal.  It was him who see every failure as an opportunity for growth and another chance to try something better.

together with my brother BryantWhy do I admire him the most? Because…

…he is my best and only elder brother.
…he is my dream believer.
…he is the wind beneath my wings (next to my father).
…he is my stock broker and fund manager. (hahaha!)
…he can jive to my wavelength.
…he is a source of my laughters.
…he is among the men I loved the most. :)


Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/


  1. wow! sweeet.. hehehe.. kanami nang! sagad ah! :)

    1. Of course! :) Ma teary-eyed nman na si Manong dear. :P Gusto mo, kaw nman next ma teary-eyed? hahahaha...! :P

  2. hi langga. thanks for those words of admiration... i only do the best i can do as your brother. it was my dream for you to dream higher because i see a lot of potential in you. kulot, you and the change of financial mindset of our parents are my success stories. these are the changes that last a lifetime and are priceless. thank you for appreciating all the little efforts i've done since you were a kid up until you're a professional accountant.

    1. char Manong! :P You're very much welcome. Lab yah beri much! \(",)/


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