Thursday, March 08, 2012

Day 16: What do people notice about you?

It’s always my….





Note eS……eL…eeh… SMILE. Smile kami pag Beam.. Beam na Beam ngiti’y protektado…NoteNote Hahahaha!

Most of my friends always commend my smiling face, they barely see me without my teeth shining wide. Open-mouthed smile  One of my officemates even call me “the smiling rOsie”, because he said that I always have a ready smile for everybody.

Flirt male Open-mouthed smile Winking smile Smile

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/


  1. I agree! strongly agree! smiley person ka nga and thats what i like the most in you! heheheh. keep it up and share your smile to the world! hahahah

    hmmmm... for me nman..people notice me about me is, nonstop talking and ambilis ng bibig ko habang nagsasalita! hahahah. kaya nga wag daw ako iinom ng malamig na tubig, kasiii daw baka mapasma! errrr! hahaha

    1. Tama! Did you remember nung una taung mag phone call? Grabe, dami2x na nating nakwento sa loob lng ng ilang minutes, prang good for 24-hour conversation na. hahaha! :) Ate Cha, maging public speaker ka kaya? Or maging Feast builder jan sa Batagangas? :) Wachathink! :) [alam mo ung, cnasabi ko nagco-come true.] ^__^ \(",)/


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