Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Two Skills I Need to Develop

I just need to burst this out before I doze off to sleep.

At work, we are already near the end of the 1st quarter of the year, and it means “interim evaluation” of individual’s performance.  To be honest, I love and hate this stage of the year at the same time.  I love it because you will be constructively evaluated based on your performance – and having the feedbacks of your colleagues will help you develop your work ethics/technical expertise and learn more about how you will be able to provide efficient and effective work output.  At the same time, you will be graded based on this evaluation. 

On the other hand, I hate it because it really requires lots of deeeeep reflection and s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c evaluation of a person and of yourself.  (w/c means English, English and English!) waaaah! [now that’s the immature side of me who’s talking. hehe!]

Here are the two skills that I need to develop:

  • Managing people
  • Effective business language communication

My performance manager wants me to add “technical skills/expertise” – but I guess it’s not really something to dwell too much on.  Technical skills can just be easily learned by spending hours and hours reading books and cases.  Though having the ready answer in a few seconds is quite impressive to the executive directors and other client’s officers, I do not have a goal to be a “walking Accounting Standards dictionary”. [hehe!] 

Managing People

On Managing People
I believe that this is a skill not just easily learned from books, but can be developed over time.  It is inherent, and can also be developed, in every person.  It also requires constant habit of building relationships with people  (which I believe I am good at).  However, since way back from elementary to high school to college up to my early years of my profession, I just WANT to be among the “people” – but not manage them.  I enjoy being a member rather than taking the torch and lead the way. Why? Because I just want the easy simple laidback way.  In other words, I’m too lazy getting my butt off the chair and do brainstorming nor bother about ideas of how to get things started.  I just want to start, but not be involved on the planning.  However, it seems that the Great Guy above always pushes me to be in the front row (huhu…, which is quite ‘shocking’, most of the time).

This is one of the many skills that I have to keep my focus on.  I’ve learned that by managing people, planning is also involved.  As it was being always said, “People do not plan to fail; they only fail to plan.”  Planning is, indeed, a most important factor before starting on any endeavor – may it be finances, business, career, love life, travels, or even just the food that you want to cook for dinner.  Having a plan put things in order – which can be applied at the same time with managing people.

I have need to get away from my laidback life of being a member, and start to take care of people.  Right now, I have 4 people working under me – and often, I find it awkward because I’m not used to this, plus the fact that they are “white”. (Working in a first world country is really a culture shock. Hmmm, this one requires a separate blog entry. *winks*)  And I need to do performance evaluation for each of them (waaah! English, English, English!).  And I also have to do my own separate self-assessment to be given to my immediate superiors (and there are 4-5 of them). English galore over the weekend.


Effective Business Language Communication
I also need to improve the proper “language” of my business communication.  Sometimes, I picture myself just a teenager who have been lost in the corporate world.  Sometimes, I act like a giddy teen at the office; I forgot that I have to act in a professional manner.  Also, I speak spontaneously of things that come to my mind – when supposedly, I need to take a few seconds to filter the words I say in a more business-like tone. (aaaah….)  I enjoy free-flow writing, just what I’m doing in this blog; but I also have to learn the business way of doing it.

 I believe I can do this. (Gudlak to me!)

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

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