Sunday, March 11, 2012

The LIVE Online PICC Feast

I am so blessed by God and always notice that He wakes me up at 3am (my time) Sunday morning, which is approximately 11am Philippine time.  I watched the PICC online feast, with Bo Sanchez as the preacher and the rest of the Light of Jesus community, together with all of the Feast attendees. :)

I feel soooooo ubeeer blessed this morning after “attending” it, and rejoicing dancing and singing with the songs. ^_^  If you are a fellow OFW or someone who is not able to attend the Feast, the link is here.  You can always refer to this link every Sunday. PICC Feast starts every Sunday at 8am and 10:30am Philippine time. (PS: A replay is available if you’re not able to watch it on the scheduled time.) 

For all the previous videos, you can refer to the YouTube link of the Kerygma Family.  Also, join us in the Kerygma Family online. :) We got loads of forum and wonderful people (aherm!) there. ^_^

Bo Sanchez Soulfood News

Just to get you going and excited: the series of talks for this month of March is entitled, Get Ready to Fight and Win!

Fellow winners, let’s get moving on towards victory! Spread the word and join the fun. :)

Keep learning and keep moving forward! _(“,)/

Lyn-Lyn :)

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