Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Other Side of Me…

Nobody has asked me, yet, why I am “hiding” behind my nickname, Lyn-Lyn.  How come I don’t tag my real name on every blog entry I wrote? How come I don’t even put on my Facebook page on this website for everyone to like and automatically be my FB friend (this would encourage advertising my blog and get lots of readers)?  No one has asked, so… I won’t even explain why.




Ha ha ha ha! =P

 Anywei, I woke up soooo early this morning, and while I waited for the hotel’s breakfast lounge to open at 7:30am, I took some photo-shots to “practice” how I look like in front of my clients, whenever I go for outside fieldwork.

Today, I went back to my geeky self by wearing my glasses at work.  My eyes were a bit itchy with the contact lens I’m wearing and tiresome due to staying in front of my computer for the whole day.  Putting on my glasses gave me that “professional” look, plus comfort to my eyes. :)

Let’s see.  Which of which should I be whenever I’m in front of my clients?




Am I a demure shy-ness type of person?
Should I be like this one?

Lyn-Lyn 1

…or, Must I look mean? So I can terrify them?
(A friend once told me, “Paunahan lng yan kung cno madaling
matakot.”) Huh? So.., should I go back to my “maldita” self? _O.o_

Lyn-Lyn 2

…or, should I just look crazy to entertain them? (haha!)
I might be kicked out from work! :P

Lyn-Lyn 3

..or, maybe, just be ME: ..the natural me. ^_^

Lyn-Lyn 4


Happy days! :)

Keep learning and keep moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. Winner! :) Gusto ko mn maging ganyan, pero d ako pwde magmukhang weirdo sa harap ng kliyente ko at baka ako ay mapatapon sa labas ng opisina nila. hahaha! :P


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