Thursday, April 26, 2012

Filipinos Do Yearn to Invest.

I just arrived at my flat after our usual Wednesday homegroup (ie: Bible study, praise and worship, catch-up, caring group updates, etc.)  And this Wednesday was one of those that we call “socials”, wherein we update each other about the latest events in our lives, and prayers we want to uplift by the group.  It was heartwarming, especially that I have been away for a month and 2 weeks due to my outside fieldwork from our place.  It’s nice to finally be back, receive and give support from/to my caring group friends. :)

When it was my turn to share, I shared that I want to express my gratitude for the bountiful blessings that our God has showered upon me – I told Him how I realize during the past couple of weeks that the trials He gave me our blessings waiting to be unveiled. I’m thankful He granted me enough patience to wait for His blessings.

Anyway, one of my caring group friends, asked curiously about why I kept on posting about Philippine Stock Index, stock marketing, investing, business, mutual funds, economy and the likes on my Facebook wall.  They were curios that they want to know how I do it! She also shared that the investments she had made here abroad (in Great Britain Pound) did not even move a single bit nor earn a single centavo (I can totally relate! The separate savings I have here, which I started a couple of months ago, did not even give me a penny. waaah! So ironic).



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So, the sharing for updating-about-your-life and prayer request, turned out to be a short lesson on stock investing, mutual funds and businesses. :) They got sooo interested that we decided to have a separate session for this (and they jokingly asked me to prepare powerpoint presentation. hahaha!).  I also told them about the launching of a new retail business that my college friend and I are planning and setting up right now. And guess what? All of them volunteered that they are “investing!”. Whooopiee! Hmmmm… this what you call leveraging of cash?

Yay! Open-mouthed smile I’m soooooo exciteeed!
I want to learn, and I am a willing eager student. ^_^


Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/

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