Saturday, April 21, 2012

On Getting Personal and Social Networking Sites

Just this afternoon, our company had the 2nd quarter update of what has been and what we will be looking ahead for the next 6 to 12 months.  Aside from the usual operational and internal mandatory to-do lists, one of the key points discussed was on the branding and marketing advocacy of our company in terms of using the social networking sites to promote company branding.  It was encouraged for all of us to join in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, to name a few.  Reasons? We are the “company”.  Social networking was able to link different people (including *the* “big people”) and expand networking – thus, can provide indirect social marketing through us for the company.

- - -

Don’t get me wrong.

Being part of the company that I am working right now is something that I am proud of – though I don’t have to declare it so… publicly.  Who wouldn’t be if you are part of one of the prestigious “Big 4”?

However, on a personal note, I am not sure if I have to be this personal already.  Ever since I started my career life and went into the corporate world, I became cautious of the things I share in public networking sites: I even have my Facebook settings filtered for posts that I consider way personal!  I tried to provide a thin line between work and private life – most especially with the nature of the job I’m working on and the job role that I have.

Mind you, it ain’t easy. Especially that I’m such a bubbly kid woman who just wants to share whatever whenever that comes into my mind.

- - -

A few seconds ago, I was blog-hopping and found Yoshke’s site.  Reading most of his posts, I was inspired again to go back to my personal-blogging self, which I started online almost 12 years ago (Yes, I still kept my online site written since I was 14! haha).  I was inspired to share personal thoughts regarding my everyday lives, even just those little things I see around me, and even just those tiny bits of thoughts that I can expound and put some analogy on. ^_^

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Hmmmm….if you want to know more about this woman here, comment LIKE! :P

Lyn Lyn Living the Life
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Cheers and enjoy your weekend, everyone!
Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/


  1. I cannot agree more miga. I am having a hard time sharing my thoughts on a status in facebook because I am friends with my boss' boss and my operations manager. I do not want to be judged on my ability to do my job because of my status in FB. It happened to me alot of times but thankfully, i got through it. sbng, extra careful na gid ko... amo na nga i keep my multiply kay at least, im free to write anything there. : )

  2. Agree, sai! Social networking sites have served as our "outlet" way back high school days, but things change as you "grow older"..hahaha.. I mean, just in terms of your personal privacy. We just have to be extra careful about the stuffs we share online.


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