Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Embrace Success This Winter Season

I am a summer person - I love sunshine. I am amazed by the sunset. I prefer a warm weather rather than the cold. I do lots more outdoor activities like surfing, kayaking and biking when it's summer time!

But now on the 3rd week of October, winter season finally takes place. As compared to summertime wherein it's already sunrise at 4:30am and sunset at 9:30pm, the winter season on the other hand provides a dark sky even if it's already 8am (w/c explains why I'm often 2 minutes late at work) and already dark & windy at 4:30pm. Winter is sad, gloomy and cold. It's my least favorite season - though it's also a good time to show-off our taste in fashion through wearing coats, gloves, scarfy feathers and boots! :D

Enough said about winter... I just want to share today what my fortune cookie told me, as seen through the picture below (I'm using my phone for this blog entry, w/c explains why I cannot move the pic at the middle of this post). ^_^
I had a lunch date earlier and after our meal, we were given with a cookie that contains the folded letter.

I kept the cookie on my coat pocket the whole afternoon and only remembered about it when I was on my way down our office building. Just as soon as I set my foot out of our building, get a glimpse of the dark winter sky and felt the cold breeze of the wind while eating the cookie, I read this small note attached to it:

"When winter comes..."
...the heaven will rain success on you."

I smiled. :) It felt a bulls-eye given that it is also appropriate for the season! Haha :D

Hence, to this winter day going forward, I embrace each word written on my fortune cookie. I encourage success to come to my foot and open doors of opportunities for me - successes on my lovelife, on my career, on my businesses & investments, and on every area of my relationships. :)

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/

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