Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lessons Learned from Losing my Voice for Two Days

A week before my 27th birthday, I had some sore throats which led to dry cough, and eventually, I lost my voice for 2 working days! (Imagine my surprise that when I wake up, I could not utter a single word!) It was so hard especially that I got client deadline and sign-off during that time. Just imagine I had (sounds-like) a bedroom voice over the phone, struggling for words to come out my vocal chords (not to mention that I have to have some British accent so that the other line can understand my intonation), until I terribly gave up and told my clients that we will just communicate through e-mails.
I learned two important lessons during this time.
Lesson #1: The world keeps revolving even if I had no voice.
My client deadline was not cancelled just because I had no voice.  Everyone at the office continued on working even if I struggled to utter a single word. In short, the world never stopped - and I also shouldn't just because I lost an important "asset" - my voice (aherm).  Sadly, I could not also fully participate during our choir practice because I could not sing a single note. *sigh* 

This is also the same thing whenever we are faced with failures and trying times.  We feel that our own world stops as hurts, pains, and dark moments overshadow our normal routine.  But we need to BOUNCE back. The real test of our character and values are seen when unexpected things happen - and on how we deal with them. And we can also truly and really know a person well depending on how he/she deals with unexpected situations.
Lesson #2: Take good care of what matters most.
My voice is always there - I did not even think of a day that I will lose it.  And losing it for two straight days was a knock on my head, giving me the wake up call that I should always be mindful of it and choose the best ways to take care of it - such as drinking warm water, not cold.  

This is, I believe, is the same thing for our every daily routine/people/things that we thought would always just be there for us.  We have to allot time to always nurture  whatever we have right now.

Keep learning and keep on moving forward.

Lyn-Lyn \(",)/

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