Saturday, October 27, 2012

Living My Life's Calling

We are all called with a purpose by our Divine Creator. Often, we are lost and wonder what really is this "will" for our lives.  If we have to look within and take a moment to reflect at and determine the things where we are good at, where we do our best, where we can impact lives and bless others, and make this a way to share His good news - then we are on that path to our "life's calling". :)

I remember Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror as I write this blog entry. As human beings, we tend to look at others and follow their ways. Why not be the opposite? We live our lives to the best we can offer, and be the living example to influence and bless others by our way of living. Dbah? :)

Earlier today, we had another "Board Meeting"  (and watched Skyfall afterwards. It was a long queue!). Board meeting is what we call for our Friday dinner we had with group of working Filipinos here abroad. One of the topics was about investment (my favorite!). And only then I've realised that there are many fellow OFWs who want to invest in our own Philippine stock market, but don't know how. And since my Facebook wall has been a "mirror" of Philippine economy and investment growth (other than party photos. Haha), I have gotten at least another 7 (James Bond 007 lng) eager stock market "students" tonight. They want me to held another stock investing lesson. :D whooppiee! Way to go Pinas. I'll be an instrument to give you more Filipino investors!! :)

I will discuss the same topic I did last May during my first stock market investing discussion. Link to follow since I am only using my phone now. :D

I am imperfect and have shortcomings, too. But I strive to do better, and do my own share to fulfill what I have been called to do.

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn \(",)/

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