Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Ex-Boyfriend Gets Married Next Week

The blog title seems surprising, but it's a mixture of it and excitement!

The other day, my ex-bf's pre-nuptial photo with his fiancee appeared on my Facebook news feed (yes, we are FB friends) and I automatically heart-felt commented congratulations on the picture. 

For some who has undergone a "relationship-that-I-though-this-was-it-but-realized-it-was-never-meant-to-be", all ties with our previous partner are also cut once break-ups happen. . Sad, but this is usually happens for some relationships. It seems like both of the parties are total strangers or worst, others even had years of grudges and unsettled issues that they carry with them even if they have their own families later on.

A Little Background of this Past Relationship
He was my first boyfriend at age 16 - and like any other teens, we too had hopeful plans to end up together someday.  I was so ideal then that all I ever wanted was whoever my first boyfriend be, he too would be my husband someday.  But along the way, certain things had to happen that tore and broke us apart. It was a real-life drama that I never thought I would experience (and I thought only happens in movies or teleserye).  [This is something I would no longer put into detail on to respect our own privacy.] :-)

"Kung Kayo, Kayo Talaga."
I read this discussion in Kerygma Forum, and I made some reflections.  Years after we broke up, we were given opportunities to be back in each other - during those times when we are already matured enough and earn a living.  Yet, it was self-choice and own decision if we or one of the parties would like to grab this opportunity.

I have realized that including fate/destiny as a factor, it is also both the persons decision if they CHOOSE to give each other the chance to work on the relationship, or do something to continue where they had left off.

At Present
In my case with him, I chose that it would be best that we will remain friends (and who knows, business partner someday).  Forgiveness had been provided years ago, and it felt like freedom when I was struck with happiness upon clicking the Enter key of my keyboard for my congratulations comment.

PS:  His fiancee added me as an FB friend after that. =)

Lessons Learned:
- Live and enjoy a life free of grudges. Forgive if you must and get on with life.
- Don't burn bridges. At the end of the day, relationship still matters.
- When life gets you on your knees, learn to stand up. Little by little, until you are ready to walk, and run again.
- You reap what you sow.

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(",)/

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