Monday, October 01, 2012

I Fully Surrender.

To the past that I could no longer do something about but only carry the lessons learned,
To the present that I have to live, enjoy and do my share of being a blessing,
To the future full of uncertainty, plans and promises, I fully surrender them unto You.

For the hurts I have felt, for the words that were said and could no longer be taken back,
for the heartaches, the anger and frustrations, I provide forgiveness and seek for one.

Surrender#1. I have realized that I can do as much as I can in any given situation, but only for those under my control.  The words of my professor during the board exam still rings in my mind: “If you have problems, always think if you are/have the solution.  If you do, be involved. If not, take a step back. And let those who have the solution take care of the problems.”  During the past 2 months, I was on the first line of the battle arena of all the personal struggles that were happening around me. The sad fact was I was 7,000 miles away from where the war is.  Yet, I fought and gave all my might. But it was tiring when the results are different from what we hoped for.  As much as I grieve and harbor bitterness, (and become tired of all the stress it brings me)  I made the decision earlier to just let go. I surrender. Because when we give all the possibilities, the Great Guy above takes care of the impossible.

#2.  I read in one of the FB status picture this: “Do not make a permanent decision to a temporary emotion.”  It’s so easy to be overcome by emotions – but it takes lots of maturity to think ahead of the consequences of whatever actions that we will do.  I admit I fell as a prey to this.  My outburst of emotions fueled my actions even before my right mind was able to stop myself.  I caused hurts because I was hurt.  I was mad because I was stepped on.  I justified my actions through rationalizing that it was all self-defense.  But at the end of the day, that heavy feeling in my heart never faded and bothered my sleep.  Hence, I decided to shift my perspectives.  Today, I  let go of grudges. Today, I provide forgiveness, and ask for the same.


I look forward towards this happy October, my birth month.

And I start on its very 1st day: Let go and fully surrender to my Manufacturer.

This is a tough decision (knowing that I always want to be actively involved).

But I try, step by step, little by little. I decide to travel light.

Thank you ALL for your prayers!



Keep learning and keep on moving forward.


Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/

PS: I soooo miss writing about personal finance and investment. I will be back on this topic soonest! =)


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  1. Hi Ate Lyn, great entry! kelan po birthday mo? october din po ako. :)

    1. sa Oct 15, Aia. :) How about ung sau? Wen ang bday mo?

    2. October 28 po. Lapit ka na. Advance Happy Birthday! More blessings! :)

  2. AMEN ... THY Will be done, as always... Good night, my little sister...


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