Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Towards Being an Entrepreneur

Recently, I have been joyfully re-discovering the history of the passion I got towards being an entrepreneur.  To whoever I get to talk to, I speak about business and investments.  (Sometimes, I wonder if I bore my friend who only wants to speak about her new crush at the office whenever I shift the topic towards getting into business). =p 

Anyway, here is the list I come up with regarding how my “being a business-minded person” history started:
  • At age of 8, I was asked by my mother to tend to our super-mini kiosk outside our canteen because there was a big praise and worship weekend encounter nearby.  I would sell the candies, the junk foods, softdrinks, ice water, etc.. to every passers-by (no cigarettes, of course).
  • In my early high school days, my mother gave me a baon which is made up of pandesal with pansit bihon as the palaman.  I wrapped two pandesals everyday and bring it to school.  I ate them during our morning snack time.  One of my friends would like to try my pansit-bihon pandesal , so I’ll share a bite or two to her – until I already shared one whole pandesal!  Everyday, this was the scenario: I share to this friend my other pansit-bihon pandesal.  This has been going on constantly, until one day, she told me that she will just buy my baon.  Yeheee! I charged Php5 for every pansit-bihon pandesal she gets.  My cost: none! haha… (It was my parents who buy those, anyway.) Smile with tongue out  Hmmm, well, if we have to compute the cost: one pandesal = Php0.50 ten years ago, and only a few pansit-bihon is used to be its palaman, so let’s say this cost Php2 for every pandesal.  Total cost is Php2.50 for a sales price of Php5.  That’s 50% profit everyday! ^_^
  • At age 15, I got addicted with Tagalog pocketbooks (eg: Precious Hearts Romances).  Whenever I go to the pocketbook rental store, I studied their business system and swore that if only I had, at least, Php500 savings (I wasn’t the typical saver since then), I would buy pocketbooks and put up my own pocketbook-rental-store.  This came true when I celebrated my debut, I received more than a thousand bucks from my generous tita, tito and grannies…then off I went to set up my business. Open-mouthed smile  This was my first encounter of passive income through “rental system”.  Since our place was near a provincial high school, my avid customers were the high school students.  I also added school supply inventories.  My passive income was overflowing! :) The profit was used to buy new pocketbooks, my clothes (haha!), and payment to my college ‘required’ membership clubs/organizations.  Sadly, this venture closed down because we transferred house.  In the end, I sold the used pocketbooks at its resale value to generate a few bucks.
precious hearts romances
  • During summer classes in college, I asked my father to teach me how to make yema (he added some peanuts to make it more tasty) and I sold them to my classmates.  Having those business sidelines really made college life memorable!  :)
  • When I was working, I bought a sim card that can sell prepaid load to my officemates. Thumbs up
  • Last December 2011, I explored the power of online shops and engaged myself into selling online products together with my business partner I met at Kerygma Family.  The profit was used to buy Christmas gifts. Hahaha!
  • And just today, before the month of February started, through the labor of my Mama (who does the sales) and my Papa (who does the collection), we were able to establish the Natasha business and achieved the Fashion Pro level through the assistance of my soon-to-be mother in law (Oops!) Open-mouthed smile.  The business was started late in October 2011 and am amazed at the growing customers, willing downlines, and upline assistance that were provided to us.  And in just 3 months, the Natasha business promoted us! Wohooo! 
    If you want to be part of my team, feel free to contact me: 15lynyln (at) gmail dot com. Open-mouthed smile  I am looking forward to do retail Natasha business with you. \(“,)/
Natasha my style coach francheska_
Only a few more pounds to lose and I’ll have that model’s body figure. Hahaha!
Dress by: Natasha Philippines
Accessories by: de Gruchy
Hair and make-up: Lyn-Lyn :P

- - - - - - - - - - - -
While running and coming up with this blog entry, I remembered the Overhaul series at PICC Feast headed by Bo Sanchez.  He pointed out about the ways of taking actions in our pursuit of wealth and of our passion:

1. Just Start;
2. Start Small; and
3. Start Again.

I love getting into business and enjoying the benefits of taking in profits, so I just started.  I took the plunge! 

I started small, from an 8-year-old-little-girl who would prefer playing at our neighborhood to selling pandesal until getting promoted for the Natasha business, it’s wow! 

It wasn’t easy along the way.  I also encountered trials, failed at some little business ventures, closed them down which crushed my heart, but I kept on trying and trying and trying, and started again.

I believe that this business journey is God’s way of preparing me for the BIG ones.
”I’m ready, Lord! Bring it on!”  \(“,)/

Enjoy life, friends! Open-mouthed smile

Keep learning and keep moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. na speechless ako dito lynlyn ah! im proud and happy for you, for where you have been now! congratulations and more success for your future endeavors! mwuaahh keep it up! :)

    1. Thank you, ate cha. And thanks din for being part of it - ya know, if we make chikka2x everyday and you're being there like a truly-blooded ate to me, I reli so appreciate it so much. (ayusin ko na nga salita ko). hehehe..! :P

      Thanks for being there, ate cha. ^_^

  2. ooopppsss habol ko nga pala, konti pa sexy ka na! :P

  3. Wow :) Inspired ako with your blog.. aiming to do so..

    1. Thanks, ji! Go, go, go! I know makaya mo gid. I believe in your capacity. :) Just keep the positive attitude and full trust in Him. _(",)/


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