Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching Up on My Blog Entries – PLUS Pictures!

I just noticed on the date today, it’s already the 27th! And I looked on the day I started with my 30-day blog challenge, which was on the 5th.  So, shouldn’t it be that I’m already on the Day 22 of my 30-day blog challenge???


hehe… I have totally forgotten about the day – wherein I am being occupied by work and other related topics that I free flowingly write on.  One of the things that I recently spend time on is photography.  Just this Saturday, I got a chance to have my first photography class – to know more about my camera features (apperture, shutter speed, lighting, the likes). 

Some of my shots are:

DSC00277     I love this “lonely” bench here.  Though it seems lonely if no one sits there,
it provides a relaxation while you sit on it, while you’re at the top of
the mountain overlooking the oceans and white sand plus the clear blue sky.

I took a shot of our “professor” when he was
standing at the far side of the mountain. Gives a dramatic view. ^_^

I also learned about Panning shots, which is a camera trick that creates a feeling of motion and speed without blurring the subject matter.  I mostly took this through the cars that pass by.  Here are some of my shots:

DSC00231  DSC00240  DSC00241  DSC00246

This Sunday morning, I walked down outside my apartment to get a shot of the flowers on the sleeping trees on this winter season.  They (trees) are now “awake”, by the way! hahaha.!  The sleeping trees have flowers now!  Here are some of the shots that spring time, my favorite season, is just around the corner and coming soon!
Yeeey! ^__^ I Red heart Spring Time! :)

Spring time 1 

I also took a picture of the orange and yellow tulips I bought yesterday. :)

Spring time 2

Keep learning and keep on moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn _(“,)/


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    1. Thanks, ate cha. :) im still learning ng right camera angles and features. More to pix to come! Hehe... ^_^


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