Friday, February 03, 2012

In Everything, Always Look for the Gold

The other day, I read about a reflection on Didache, a Catholic daily bible reflection published by Shepherd's Voice Publication's Inc., featuring Andrew Carnegie who emphasizes the importance of relationship.

Who is Andrew Carnegie?  He is the richest man in the world.  If you translate his wealth using today's value, he is more than two times wealthier than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined. - from Didache Feb 1, 2012 reflection.

 If you want to read more about Andrew's life philosophy success, read here.

While reading the reflection, I learned about one thing:  we have to value every relationship that we have: may it be relationships with family, with friends, with co-workers, with our superiors, with our customers, with bf/gf, with our ministry, etc.. 

Question: How can a family, being known as the smallest unit of a society, be an effective influence of bringing out a joyous and peaceful community?

Answer:  It starts from home.  It starts with the relationship we have with our parents and siblings.

At work, it is also the same thing.  Value the relationship we have with our co-workers.  Every job output we deliver stems from the people around us who work hand in hand to produce good work results.  I remember a new employee in my previous job who worked with my team.  Being a newbie, he was always inferior, afraid to ask and seems so unsure about what he did.  I mentored him during that time and guided him with his every question.  [I believed he was a wise kid, he just had to put into application all the theories he learned from school.]  I did not yell at him (like what those 'monsters' at work often do).  :p

When I resigned from that job a year ago, he told me how I changed his work life (wow!).  He thanked me because even the simple things I did, such as giving him a pat in the back and asked general questions about his life (ie: pangangamusta), gave him assurance that everything would be alright, no matter how busy the busy-audit-season was.  Wow...

[Update:  It has been 2 years, and this guy is still working with the audit firm I worked on previously and is now next in line for promotion in a few months.  Yey! And when I was at the Philippines during my vacation last December, he carried me up in the air and giving me super big hug when he saw me. Hahaha!]  =) 

Friends, what we do may just be simple things for us - but for others, they consider it great.  Who knows?  You have already changed someone else's life. :)

As what Andrew Carnegie had said,

"Dealing with people is like digging for GOLD. 
To discover the gold, you have to move a lot of dirt. 
But when you dig, you look for gold, not for dirt."

Look for gold in everything you do.
Discover the gold in every person you meet.

Keep learning and keep moving forward! :)

Lyn-Lyn \(",)/

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