Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 5: Your dream house

Words and arts would sometimes not be enough to describe in detail how I want my dream house to be. (Oh well, the important thing for me is always no matter what or where the house I lived in, it will be called a home, a place where my family, my kids, grandchildren and great nth grandchildren will always look forward to go back to.).  :)

Day 5_ My Dream House

Forgive my art. Smile with tongue out

I always dream of a nipa-made hut slash look-a-like rest house.  My dream house is made of nara wood, coupled with modern like structure using cement and other strong foundation against flood and strong wind – but still with an ambiance of cool-breeze air. ^_^

I want it to be just one floor, consisting of 4 bedrooms: 1 master bedroom, 2 rooms for the kids and another one for guest room/library/entertainment room.  There is a garage for a car in front.  It is surrounded by coconut trees, mango trees and other tall fruity trees to give it a nature-like homey ambiance.  I also want to have a hammock on the right side to serve as the place for relaxation and savoring God’s wonderful blessings. :)

The living room will have big windows to give it a wonderful view outside.  The kitchen will be fully-equipped with all the “kitchen gadgets” in order to supply my soon to be next hobby: cooking. (Goodluck to me. Hahaha!)  

At the back door, there will be a playground for the kids, which will have a small basketball court.  I also want to have a tree house and a small fishpond.

In front, there will be a garden full of flowers, including orchids and daisies. Red rose


Flirt male In love

Friend, what’s your dream house? Martini glass


Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/

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  1. dream house ko,hmmmm pano ba to, eh same din ng dream haus mo yung dream haus ko eh, san mo ba plan itayo yung sayo lynlyn?? sa davao ba? ako kasi sa batangas eh. harharhar. pakopya n lang ng blueprint ng soon to be haus mo ha? hahahah.

    kidding aside, ganyan talaga yung dream haus ko,no need to describe and if may i add, i like light colors yung loob ng bahay, tipong maaliwalas talaga :) dats all, hhihihih


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