Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 12: If you could wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish for?

Answer: World Peace.

..and it’s not just a Miss Universe answer. It really is what I am wishing for. ^_^

I am pro-peace – because it is priceless. 
No sleeping pills can tantamount to having a peaceful mind at night.
It calms the heart of people living in war zones – no bullets to fear of, that will strike their homes at night.
No cries at night. No fear for the future.  No families that will be deprived of a loved one.

balloons for fun and peace

With peace, there will be more laughters. More fun. More joys. More hope.

Cno nga ba kasi nagpauso ng war? Duh!

If there will be peace, especially in Mindanao, the southern part of the Philippines, then there will be more wonderful tourist destinations that we can enjoy of! \(“,)/  I’ve been there and even to the place near the Ampatuans, the ones who massively killed journalists and families during the previous elections. (Darn)

There are lots of beautiful places that are yet to be discovered, if only war is not a hindrance in going there.

I look forward to going to Africa, as well. Excited to befriend (haha) the zebras, the lions, the kangaroos, the elephants. :) [I saw a picture of a Filipino priest friend who serves now in Africa. And his everyday scenery are these animals dinosaurs (hahaha!). I received an invitation from him to go there someday soon. Hmmmm, exciting!!!] _(“,)/


Keep learning and keep moving forward!



  1. kung sayo lyn lyn is world peace...mine, i wish ,,,inner peace!

    1. Dapat mauna pla ang inner peace pra magkaroon ng world peace. :)


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