Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Day 1: A photo that makes you happy

Following my 30-Day Blog Challenge, this is my Day 1:

Mama and Papa _ Day 1 A Photo that makes you happy

This is a photo of my parents taken at O’Hotel in Bacolod City last December 2009.

I took this photo during my Christmas/New Year vacation leave when I was still working in Makati City (I always go home during December, ya know).  We had desserts and hot chocolate at the hotel, together with my older brother (my younger brother went out with his friends during this time). 

Looking at this picture, aside from the fact that my mother forgot to wear her ‘fake tooth’ (in Tagalog: pustiso), gives me a hearty laugh in my tummy and makes me teary-eyed with so much happiness.  I can vividly remember my mother’s all-out-laughter (now you know why I laugh out sooo loud, as well) and my father’s effort to pull her for a kiss! ^_^ 

This picture is the reason and the living proof why I strongly believe in love, in happiness and in positive attitude, soooo much.  It is an evidence of 32 years and 2 months of marriage, as of to date.  Theirs is not a perfect one – it is coupled with ups and downs, tears and happiness, shortcomings and successes, thick and thin, sickness and health, poor and wealth. 

These lovebirds made our every house a home to always go back to.  Their love gave me and my brothers that sense of belongingness.  They have instill in us the values of keeping a family together.  If everyone is at home, a meal will not be started unless one did not come to the table.  A prayer is always said to bless the meal.  I also remember when we were kids (up to when we were teenagers, even ‘til now, as long as we’re together) that my father has a ‘weekly meeting’ with all of us.  It happens once or twice a week: after every dinner, everyone in the family would sit and update about the latest events on each one, which also includes correcting the wrongs and settling grudges in the family.  Plus, Sundays are always family day. :)

We may have grown up lacking of material things (actually, I really don’t consider it as a lack), but I feel so rich because my parents planted wealth inside my being.  My mother strengthened my faith and my father developed my positive mindset. Think about it, I really could not remember a time when my father said “No” to me. [Hahaha! Thanks to the power of being a Papa’s girl.] :P

Me: “Pa, I want to play the banduria for our school rondalla.”
Father: “Yes.” (He even bought me the instrument in Cebu!)

Me: “Pa, I want to join the varsity track and field team.”
Father: “Sure, yes, go ahead.  I’ll even go with you and cheer you on your games.”

Me: “Pa, I will go out partying with my friends.”
Father: “Sure, just go home before midnight.”
Me: “Before midnight?”
Father: “Ok, before the sun rises then".” [hahaha!]

Me: “Pa, I want to have a boyfriend.”
Father: “Uhmm….sure, errr…. yes(?).”

Smile with tongue out

My parents have provided me with the greatest wealth of all: the values and strong foundation of believing in my capabilities; and using these capabilities to also help and bless other people. _(“,)/


[Yey! And 30 minutes from now, it’s going to be 5:30am in Pinas time and it means Skype date time]  Secret telling smile


How about you: what makes you happy?  If you have a photo, you can include the link on the Comment box below; or you can share an event in your life that whenever you look back to, always brings you joy.  What is it?  Share and join the fun! :)


Keep learning and keep moving forward!


Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. God's morning! nice post, i enjoy reading it. :)

    wala ako pic na ilalagay here kase wala scannner yung computer sa house namin. basta it reminds me na ang saya nung kabataan ko with my younger siblings. and sa tuwing maaalala ko, natatawa na lang kami sa mga kalokahan at katamaran naming magkakapatid, pauyuhan kami sa mga household chores and lage kami napapagalitan ni father earth kapag di agad kami sumusunod! hahahah but we are thankful kasi lumaki kami na may disiplina sa sarili and as of now dala pa rin namin yung lessons na tinuro samin ng aming parents. although we have different personalities and attitudes but still andon pa rin yung cooperation and willingness namin na tumulong sa parents namin. We used to help them through giving financial assistance para sa 2 ko pang kapatid na nag aaral pa ng college. we'll wait them to finish and pwede na kaming mag asawa! hahaha. mag asawa tlag eh no, hahahah.

    1. Thanks for sharing, chakulet :)

      Indeed, ung values natin are being shaped during those early days at home. Saya nman ng family nyo. ^_^ May you and your family be always strengthened and be more blessed.


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