Saturday, February 25, 2012

London by Next Week

Excited to be in London next week! ^_^

I pray:

  • for a clear blue sky for travel [it was foggy last night and most of the flights were cancelled]
  • an approved Schngen visa for the Europe travel this coming Easter. And I wish it’s going to be a year worth of Visa. ^_^ [Ang chismis kasi ng mga peeps eh one year na ang longest na binibigay ng French embassy. E-wish natin na bigyan ng mas matagal, pra mka-bongga ng travel. Haha!]
  • approval from my manager that I will not be working on Friday next week to go to mainland London. :) *super wisha-wish pray for this* [otherwise, mapapalo ako sa pwet dahil busy season eh gumagala ako]

Smile with tongue out

By the way, here are a few bits of my London escapade taken over 9 months ago, a day before the Royal Wedding last April 2011:


Get the flash player here:

More pics coming up! \(“,)/




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