Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hi, my name is Sonia

Finally, she agreed to be called MINE!!!! ^_^ 

Sony Nex3 2 Sony Nex 3

At a freezing cold temperature of negative 4 degrees today, our paths crossed again.  And finally, she agreed to be part of my life. (Hahaha!) 

We are still getting to know each other tonight. :P (aka: I’m still reading the manual of my new baby camera.) Yipeeee! \(“,)/

Sonia is my Valentine gift for myself. Red heart

Kinilig talaga ako..!  Until now, I still can’t help but giggle. 

We will have our first “road test” tomorrow at the castle. \(“,)/

 Sony Nex3 1

Enjoy life!

First camera shots:

Get the flash player here:




Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. di nman tlaga obvious na your really excited and satisfied, see your picture oh! heheheh. kitang kita kung gano ka kasaya! yeeeeheeee!
    pag uwe mo, papicture tayo ha and to meet sonia na rin! hahahha

    1. Kinikilig ako jan, ate cha. hahahaha! \(",)/


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